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How Can I Split Single VCF to Multiple VCF File | Knows Here

how to split single vcf to multiple vcf

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: November 15, 2022 | Email Tips | 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this write-up, we are going to elaborate on the solution to resolve the problem, and how to split single VCF to multiple VCF. There are lots of users who search for the same solution, you will get manual and automated procedures to complete this task in a hassle-free way.

vCard is the format that is supported by most email clients or applications. In the manual solution, we will describe to your how it can be done by using the Windows contact folder. It is a simple procedure to complete. Without wasting any further time let’s move straight to the manual technique.

Manual Approach to Split Single VCF to Multiple VCF File 

This section is made for you if you are looking for a free solution to resolve a query about how to split single VCF to multiple VCF file. But this section is quite a lengthy process, this solution is divided into 2 parts. Where users have to convert the VCF file into Windows Contacts and in the second part, users have to export Windows contacts into a single VCF file.

Step 1: Convert Your VCF Files to Window Contacts 

  • In the first step, go to C:\ user\ %username%\ contacts and click on the import button. 
  • Now in the next step, go to the Import Windows Contact option dialogue box, select VCF and click Import
  • In the next step, click on the select file and click on the Split VCF into multiple contacts. 

split vcf option

  • After this, you will automatically get into the property window and click the OK button. 

ok button

Step 2: Windows Contacts into a Single VCF File 

  • After completing the above step, click the export button in the window contacts section. Hold the ctrl key for the multiple sections. 

export button

  • Next, select the vCard option and then hit the export button

export button

  • And last, hit the OK button

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Drawbacks of Manual Procedure

This manual solution has completed the process and is compatible to resolve the query on how to split single VCF to multiple VCF.  Below are some drawbacks of the manual solution. 

  • This solution is a time-consuming procedure and so lengthy process to complete. You can only save one contact at one time, if you have 500 contacts then you need multiple hours to complete the process. 
  • Some of the contacts are missing which results in the loss of data integrity.
  • You should have the basic technical knowledge to complete this process.  

Smart Approach to Split Single VCF to Multiple VCF Files 

 In the above section, you will know about the manual solution and how it works but there are some limitations that were mentioned above. To overcome all the limitations we provide the best-automated solution to handle this situation. SysTools vCard Split Tool best software to solve the problem how to split single VCF to multiple VCF files. 

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Best-in-class software which is user-friendly and easy to use can overcome all the limitations of the manual solution. We highly recommend you this solution, it can work with all the vCard versions like 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. 

Working on the Tool 

  • Install the software and select the Add File option on the left top of your screen. 

add file and folder option

  • Hit the Export option and go through the next steps. 

export option

  • Select Split VCF Option

split vcard option

  • In the last step, hit the Export option and end the process. 

export button


In this guide, we provide you with the solution of the query to how to split single VCF to multiple VCF files. We explain the manual solution and automated procedure and the drawbacks of manual technique as well as we also provide you with the way to tackle drawbacks.