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Lotus Notes Error 1325 Resolved – File Name is Not a Valid Short File Name

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Published On September 14th, 2022
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Are you looking for a solution to “Lotus Notes Error 1325 – File name is not a valid short file name”? In that case, you are in the right place. This is an error that users often face while installing or reinstalling applications. Many users worldwide get affected by this error every day. They look for some effective solution to fix this error issue.

In this post, we will discuss how to fix “Error 1325”. The indications & reasons of error “File name is not a valid short file name” are also mentioned in this guide. First of all, we need to learn what is this Error 1325 in reality.

What is This Error 1325?

Lotus Notes Error 1325 is known as an installation error. Users with Windows versions 10, 8, 7, 2000, Vista, XP, and ME are most likely to face this error. It usually appears during new drive installation, existing drive reinstallation, and incomplete installation. This error can also occur while installing Lotus Notes. In case this Error appears in form of “File name is not a valid short file name.” We will talk about the indications of this error in next section.

Lotus Notes Error 1325 – Indications or Symptoms

Users can detect that this issue is because the file is not a valid short file name:

  • Shows error message “1325”.
  • The system crashes while being in use.
  • Active Program Window closes abruptly.
  • System freezes for a short time while running.
  • Responses slowly to mouse clicks and keyboard input.

Reasons for “Error 1325 – File name is not a valid short file name”

Many situations can be responsible for this IBM Lotus Notes error. Some reasons are:

  1. Accidental deletion of Lotus Notes NSF files.
  2. Corrupt Windows Registry or Lotus Notes files.
  3. Lotus Notes downloaded from unreliable sources.
  4. Partial or incomplete download of Lotus Notes.
  5. Virus or Malware attack on your system.

Fixing “File Name is Not a Valid Short File Name” Error Manually

There are various techniques for resolving this error. Users can try implementing these techniques to get rid of this error.

Manual Methods to Fix Lotus Notes Error 1325

If you are encountering this 1325 error in your Lotus Notes, try using these methods to get rid of it.

1) Manual Method 1: Repair corrupt Windows Registry
Any corruption in the Registry files has to be fixed immediately. Remember that Registry repair can lead to data loss. Always take the help of an expert or use a third-party Registry cleaner program. Follow these steps to repair damaged Registry files of Windows.

i. Press Windows + R key together to open Run box.
ii. Type regedit in the box and hit Enter.
iii. Click on File tab>> Export.
iv. Choose destination of the files saved with REG file extension.
v. Double-click on the file with Reg extension. Try restoring Registry information.

2) Manual Method 2: Clean the system
Every system must be clear of all unwanted trash items. These items capture disk space and hamper proper functioning of other files. Try removing temp and %temp% files. Users can also use third-party applications to clean the system.

3) Manual Method 3: Update all system drivers
Outdated drivers can also cause 1325 Error. Users have to update all the drivers of their PC. Go to Control Panel>> Device Manager. Right-click on items and select Properties. Choose Update Driver Software to update the drive.

5) Manual Method 5: Run Windows scannow
An inbuilt program named Windows SFC can resolve corruption issues including Lotus Notes Error 1325. Run sfc/scannow command in the Windows command prompt. Follow the commands appearing on screen to complete the scanning process.

4) Manual Method 4: Scan system for Viruses
It is possible that any virus or malware is causing this error. Run a scheduled scan of your system to locate and terminate the virus or malware. For the best result, always use licensed copy of an antivirus software.

Manual Methods Limitation for Solving File Name Is Not A Valid Short File Name Errors

None of these methods can guarantee complete solution. However, file name is not a valid short file name. Users are free to try all methods because nobody knows for sure which one will work. Lotus Notes users need to go through trial and error to find out the effective methods in their case.

Trying all these methods cost a lot of time and labor. Moreover, users require technical knowledge to perform most of these methods.

One-Stop Method to Resolve Error 1325

In this busy world, people look for quick and convenient solutions to their problems. Similarly, affected users seek an one-stop method that can solve this error for sure. Users facing these critical issues can opt for Lotus Notes to PST Converter tool. This program is an alternative to all the manual methods mentioned above. It can convert all NSF files to Outlook account including emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, and journals. The interface of this tool is user- friendly. It can also convert encrypted Lotus Notes emails to Outlook.


“Lotus Notes Error 1325 – File name is not a valid short file name” is an error that causes a serious problem for Lotus Notes users. To resolve this error, users can try the manual methods or the advanced automated solution. Due to the limitations of manual methods, experts suggest using the application as a one-stop solution. This application referred earlier is an excellent tool to resolve file name is not a valid short file name. Rather than trying multiple manual techniques, users can use this one software and fix the 1325 error of Lotus Notes.


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