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Import Thunderbird Contacts to Outlook – All by Yourself

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Are you looking for one such solution by which you are able to import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook? This blog provides you with 2 methods to do the same. Just read each process and select the desired one.

Thunderbird And Outlook are among the most popular email clients globally. But Outlook provides certain advantages for businesses that are enough to make users move from Thunderbird to Outlook.

In such cases, users normally focus on email migration but there are other aspects that a user needs to focus on like converting contacts, calendars, tasks. etc. Here, we will target one such case i.e., how a user is able to import Address Book to Outlook.

In older versions, Mozilla Thunderbird used .mab format to store contacts but later, Thunderbird 78 & above, started using SQLite for address books. Through this blog, we are going to concur on this certain problem which users will face.

Here, we are going to tell you the ways by which you are able to import the Thunderbird address book to Outlook regardless of what format your contacts file has.

Different Ways to Import Thunderbird Contacts to Outlook

  1. Native Solution (Time-consuming)
  2. Reliable Solution (Recommended one)

#1 Import Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook – Complementary solution

In the manual method, users can able to perform move their thunderbird address book to Outlook

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird and Hit On, Tools >> Address Book.
  • Press on Tools >> Export.
  • Choose CSV as a file format from the drop-down list. Also, you can add a name to the contact file

Moving on, you need to import your saved contacts to Outlook which are mentioned below

  • Open MS Outlook,
  • On the left pane, Hit on File>> Open and Export.
  • Press Import & Export Wizard,
  • Select Import from another program or file
  • Choose to import Comma Separated Values file format.
  • Browse the contacts CSV file and proceed to click the Finish button.
  • All the Thunderbird contacts will get exported into Outlook.

Here, know some of the drawbacks of using this manual method which is given below:
Not a Cinch Process: While exporting your contact you need to be very careful otherwise, you may lose your data.
Time-Consuming: This process is very lengthy in terms of importing your address book.
Technical Ability: The user should have some extent of technical knowledge to perform the steps manually.

To mitigate these limitations, we will prefer you to use a third-party solution by which you can easily import Thunderbird address book to Outlook.

#2 Thunderbird Contacts to Outlook Importation – Ratified Method

This manual method is not feasible due to its limitations used by other different organizations. Furthermore, to solve your problem you need a trusted solution by which you can import contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook. One such solution is EmailDoctor MAB Converter.

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Before jumping into the working easy steps of this method let’s know some amazing features of this method

Some Astounding Features of this Tool are:

  • It helps you to convert multiple file formats. It gives conversion address books like VCF, PST, CSV, etc.
  • While working on this automated solution you don’t need to install thunderbird to import your contacts in another file format.
  • The software gives you two different options while converting: the user can add the contact files directly, or auto-load the address book from the configured Thunderbird account.

Ways to Import Thunderbird Contacts

  • Firstly, launch the utility on your machine

download msg converter

  • Now,  add contacts file(s), folder, or auto load from Thunderbird

add files to import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook

  • Here, the tool will preview MAB / Sqlite file and folder

list to view

  • Then, choose the export type “CSV”

choose CSV

  • Hit Export to convert Thunderbird address book

click export in import thunderbird conatcts to outlook

Once done, import the contacts file in Outlook using the same steps as mentioned above.

Let’s Sum it up

In Conclusion, we described both manual and automated methods by which you are able to Import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook. It depends on the users to choose between the two solutions as per their necessity. For conversion contacts in bulk, Thunderbird Address Book Converter is the perfect solution. This is why experts around the world suggest an automated solution.


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