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Ways to Import OST File to Outlook All Versions

import ost file into outlook

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Published On September 26th, 2023
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Although Outlook generates OST files, But OST file cannot be directly relinked, added, and imported into Microsoft Outlook. Don’t worry, you can load OST files into Outlook using this third party solution. In this post, I will explain all possible ways to import OST in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and all below versions. 

OST to Outlook

So, the question arises, is it possible to open old OST file in Outlook? The answer is YES, but for this you have to change OST file extension to Personal Storage Table (.pst) format.  

Both OST and PST file formats are created by Microsoft Outlook. PST is the personal storage table and is used to for Export and Import option in Outlook. It means Outlook allows to export Outlook mails in PST format. Also, it allows to import external emails in the form of PST file only. 

In conclusion you can easily import OST file into Outlook after changing it into PST format.

What are The OST Files?

When you configured an IMAP account in Outlook, an encrypted Outlook data file known as Offline Storage Table (OST) is created automatically. It is associate with a specific profile on a certain PC where your account has been configure. You can use Outlook Data Files if you have an MS Exchange account and want to work offline (.ost). They are extremely useful in the event of server downtime or an unreliable internet connection.

However, in the following part, we will go over various techniques to open OST to Outlook application.

When Are OST Files Affected?

  • When system is affected by virus.
  • Power outage during file syncing.
  • Available storage space is deplete.
  • When there is a network problem during file synchronization.
  • There is a faulty sector on a hard disc.
  • Microsoft Outlook begins to have bugs and difficulties.

Methods to Import OST to Outlook Account

If you have orphaned OST file or the Exchange server down. Then there is no free solution that allows to access the OST file in Outlook. In this case third party tool will help you to change the OST file into Outlook importable data file format. There are 2 methods to complete this task let us understand both.

Method-1: Import OST File to Outlook Professionally 

The manual process, on the other hand, will assist you in importing OST File to Outlook. However, it is risky since if any of the procedures are not followed correctly, it will result in a problem. In that scenario, I recommend that you use a third-party Professional tool to convert OST to PST format. It will make it easier for you to open your OST file to Outlook.

Before saving your OST mailbox to a new PST file, you can examine a detailed preview of it using the software’s smart preview tool. Because it is a professional tool, it preserves the original OST data during the conversion process. This software is simple to use even if you are a total novice with no prior technical knowledge.

Steps to Import OST to Outlook: Technical Procedure

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Step1:- Simply download the software on your computer to create OST file into Outlook supported format.

Step2:- Add files and preview OST files into the software. After that click on Export button.

Step3:- To import OST file to Outlook, select the PST radio button and follow the on-screen instructions. You can apply advance options (if required).

Step4:- Navigate to the destination place to save the exported Outlook supported PST in your system.

Step5:- An export report will displayed by the software. Then, click on Export button and pick where you want to save the exported report and click the Save button to save it.

Step6: – Now launch the Microsoft Outlook and click on File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export option.

launch Microsoft Outlook

Step7: – Select Import from another program or file and then click on Next button.

import OST to Outlook

Step8: – A Import a file pop up window will appear and select Outlook data file (.pst) option and click on Next button.

select Outlook data file

Step9: – Browse the PST file (created in Step5) and click on OK button.

import process completed successfully

When you’re unable to open your OST file, it is likely that it is corrupt, nevertheless, don’t worry; you may simply recover your data using the manual methods described below. Finally, we recognize when we need to transfer OST file to Outlook.

Method-2: Import OST File to Outlook for Free

There are two manual methods that we can use to make OST to Outlook data file. As a result, there are a few popular ways which can be followed for opening OST files.

Procedure-1: Using the Import/Export Tool 

In this procedure, you must connect to Outlook using the Microsoft Exchange account that was use to create the OST file. Follow the steps below to save OST to Outlook data file using this method:

Note: – Same Exchange profile and server connectivity required to perform below steps.

  1. Navigate to Files > Open & Export.
  2. Now, select Import & Export from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Next after selecting Outlook Data File.
  4. Select Next after clicking Outlook Data File (.pst).
  5. Choose the folder you wish to export and press the Next button.
  6. Navigate to the location where you want to save the new PST file and choose the appropriate option for duplicate items.

Procedure-2: Using The Drag & Drop Tool

To use this method, follow the procedures outlined below to open OST from Outlook format:

Note: – This method will not help you in case of orphaned OST file, Exchange unavailability, Exchange profile not connected. 

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Open a new PST file in MS Outlook.
  3. Drag the relevant mailbox folder that you want to export into the blank Outlook supported PST file.

Drawbacks: Manual Procedures of Importing OST to Outlook

We covered the above manual ways to import OST File to Outlook, which has several downsides, which are listed below:

  • Outlook Account must be configure in the system.
  • The technique requires the assistance of a technical professional.
  • The system must be link to the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • There is a chance that data will lost or corrupted. 
  • When compared to manual procedures, the process is slow.

FAQs – Related to Import Process of OST to Outlook

Find answer of all your queries and decide weather the above methods are useful for you or not.

Q: Can I Open Orphaned OST File?

Answer: Yes, follow the steps explained in Method 1. It will help you to make orphaned, inaccessible, corrupted and damaged OST file accessible in Outlook all versions. 

Q: Is It Possible to Move OST File form Old Computer to New?

Answer: Yes, there are two possible solution in this case!

Case 1: If you are able to access OST file in Outlook on your OLD computer. Then use Import/Export utility and archive it to PST format. After that move to new computer using external storage device. 

Case 2: If you have orphaned or inaccessible OST file on your old computer. Then follow the steps mentioned in method 1.

Q: What Program Open OST File?

Answer: Outlook allows users to open and access OST file, but if you have disconnected OST file then you can not open it in Outlook. In this case third-party tool can help you to open OST file

Q: Is There Any File Size Limitation to Import OST to Outlook?

Answer: No, Microsoft did not mentioned any size limitation to import external data, like OST to Outlook.


It is not always a good idea to change the default location of an OST file. You may have problems after altering the location of the Outlook data file, or the process may fail owing to an error. The  file may become unavailable or orphaned in this circumstance. You cannot directly load OST file to Outlook profile.

To access the data in such a file, it must converted to Outlook data file format. The best way to open OST file in Outlook is to use a sophisticated program like above explained. It can simply change orphaned or inaccessible OST file into Outlook data file format, which you can then import OST to Outlook to retrieve all of its mail items.