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How to Recover Deleted Files from SSD Solid State Drive?

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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Are you having trouble organizing it and finding what you need? If yes, then you are not alone. In this blog, we will explain how to recover deleted files from SSD. By considering this scenario, we will provide you with an effective solution for the entire export process.

User Scenario

“I had stored my important data on my SSD drive for three years. Yesterday, I was deleting a few unused files from it. But I deleted a few important files from the SSD disk drive. Now, anyone can tell me if it is possible to recover deleted files SSD. If yes, then How? Please suggest any trusted solution for it.”

In this article, we will discuss possible reasons for recovering deleted files from an SSD drive and everything related to solid-state drives. It is the most common question that most users ask on a forum website. Then we decided to write an article on it. Before starting the article, we will first know what an SSD is and what the reason behind it is. After that, we will discuss a step-by-step solution to retrieve deleted files from SSD disks. So let’s start the article.

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Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Files from SSD 

  1. Download and Run this tool on Windows.
  2. Select SSD partition to delete files.”
  3. Click the Scan or Scan Format button.
  4. Recovered Files Preview” to open the preview panel of the software.
  5. Finally, easily “saveall recover deleted files SSD.

What is SSD (Solid State Disk)?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It consists of solid-state electronic memory chips to read and write data. SSD is the saver for your old computer if you want to speed up your computer. However, with high read and write speeds, it is also common to see users asking for solutions to recover deleted data from SSD drives by mistake

In this post, users will absolutely get a positive answer if they are looking for the solid state drive data recovery method that is possible to recover files from SSD hard drive.

Reason Behind Data Loss from SSD (Solid State Drive)

Most of the users lost their data files from SSD by making this mistake that I have given below:

  1. Intentionally and unintentionally deleted data and empty Recycle bin
  2. Format solid-state drive files without taking any backup
  3. Delete SSD drive files and folders immediately by using shift+delete button
  4. Due to virus and malware attack, SSD data is corrupted
  5. Data are overwritten
  6. Damage from trojan horses and other malicious programs

If you are one of those suffering from these data loss issues, then there is no need to worry about that. Simply follow the following two prerequisites:

  1. The deleted files must not yet have been overwritten by new data. You have to stop using your SSD drive immediately to get rid of data loss issues
  2. Use trusted and reliable SSD Data Recovery Utility as soon as possible

Alternative Solution to Recover Deleted Files from SSD Drive

There are multiple data recovery utilities available on the market. Users can download the best professional and trusted EmailDoctor SSD Recovery Tool to recover deleted data from Kingston SSD. Both technical and non-technical users can use this utility. This application is capable enough to restore all types of data, such as images, videos, music, multimedia, personal and professional documents, etc.

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The tool supports recovering all brands of SSD drive like Samsung, Kingston SSD Drive, Sandisk, etc. This is capable of restore deleted documents from recycle bin. It provides multiple features to assist you in rapidly locating the desired file. The application takes less scanning time and finds the maximum number of data files and folders on the SSD disk.

Complete Process to Restore Deleted Files from SSD

This is one of the finest utilities that successfully recover files from SSD hard drive. You just need to follow all the steps that are mentioned in the below section to recover deleted data from your laptop. Firstly, download and install the utility on the Windows PC, and then follow the given steps.

Step 1:- After installing application the home window will display with a list of all attached solid state drive partitions.

display with a list of all attached solid state drive

Step 2:- You can choose Scan instead of the formatted scan to restore deleted files from SSD drive.

scan to restore deleted files from SSD drive

Step 3:- Simply explore the folder and preview the entire data in the application panel. The tool will highlighted permanently deleted data by red color.

highlighted permanently deleted data by red color

Step 4:- Tool Will gives two options to save data Save Selected Data and Save Complete data.

Preview or Save Options

Why Users Choose SSD Instead of Hard Drive

Solid-state State are getting faster every year, making a big difference to the speed of your computing experience. The technology being used in SSDs is constantly evolving. So much so that an SSD that you buy today could be twice as fast when compared to an SSD you purchased four years ago. Some reasons that make users select SSD instead of HD are mentioned below:

  • SSD drives can store huge amounts of data, and SSD drives offer faster access to data as compared to hard disks.
  • Solid-state drives are more resistant to vibration and physical shocks.
  • SSD drives are less noisy and less latent.
  • Lastly, SSD drives are immune to strong magnetic fields.

Summing Up

Here we have described a trusted solution to recover deleted files from SSD solid state drive. This software retrieves permanently deleted files from SSD disks very safely and securely. It provides a free demo version so users can check the efficiency of restoring deleted data from the SSD drive of the software. After that, they can decide to purchase the software.


Q1: Can we recover permanently deleted files from an SSD drive?

Yes, you can easily recover deleted files SSD drive with the help of prominent software. It is user-friendly software. Both technical and non-technical users can use this utility without any hassle.

Q2: How do I permanently delete files from my SSD?

Well, users are always taking help from the free solution to recover permanently deleted files from SSDs. But they don’t know that the manual method is not able to recover deleted data from SSD. To resolve this, the user can try the mentioned tool.


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