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How to Put Restrictions on PDF File? Now Become’s Easy

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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If you want to know how to put restrictions on PDF file, then your search ends here. Basically, as you are already aware about the PDF File. It stands for the Portable Document Format. All of you are dealing with PDF files on a regular basis. All of the documents are mostly shared in the format of PDF. This file format is treated as safe.

Some documents that are only for viewing purposes are sent in the format of PDF only. Because you can share confidential information in those files like Aadhar, PAN card, and so on. So, you need to share all documents in the restricted mode and should know how to restrict permissions in PDF files, which conveys that no one can change the document only view the content inside of it. There are different reasons to say that PDF is safe. Let’s evaluate some reasons why you should restrict the PDF file.

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Why You Should Restrict the PDF File

There can be several reasons to restrict the PDF file. Let’s find some major reasons.

  • To Protect the Intellectual Property – If you have some confidential information and do not want to edit this information by anyone.
  • Unauthorized Editing – If you have something like a contract, then you do not want to someone edit this document.
  • Control the Usage of Files – If you do not want that file should be used in the form of hardcopy, then you can restrict the print permission.
  • Authorized Access – Applying a password on the PDF file makes it clear whether the user has access to the file or not. So, no issue will be created if someone extracts metadata from the PDF file in some situation.
  • Shared Permissions– If you do not want to share the file through emails, then you can also set the restriction for it.

These all are some major reasons to restrict the PDF file. There can be more reasons to know how to put restrictions on PDF file. After evaluating the reasons to restrict the PDF file it is time to find a way to restrict the PDF file.

How to Put Restrictions on PDF File

As per the requirement of restriction of the PDF files. There are two approaches to restricting PDF files. The first one is the manual and the second one is the professional. The manual approach takes place with the help of Adobe Acrobat. The professional approach is not implemented with the help of Adobe Acrobat. It has some advanced features. Let’s see how to put restrictions on PDF file manually.

Manually Put Restrictions on the PDF File

This approach needs Adobe Acrobat. You have to install this software on your system and perform these steps:-

  • Firstly you have to choose the PDF file on which you want to put restrictions.
  • Download and install the Adobe Acrobat software on your system.
  • Now, go to the Tools Menu and hit the Protection option.
  • Now Click on the Encrypt button and choose encrypt with a password.
  • It’s time for confirmation click, Yes.
  • Next, click on the Compatibility drop-down Menu and choose the option.
  • Hit the button to Encrypt All Document Contents.
  • Now, check the “Restrict editing and printing of the document” box.
  • Enter the password and uncheck the option of “Enable Copying Of Text, Images, An Other Content” box and Ok.

This is the manual way to put restrictions on the PDF file, But it requires a little bit of technical knowledge. If any of the steps is skipped or wrongly executed then you might face several issues like data may be lost, or corrupt the file. The original file will be customized, if you want back your original file, then it not get back to you. As per these shortfalls, let’s see how the professional approach fulfills them and gave a clarity about how to put restrictions on PDF files.

Professionally Find How to Put Restrictions on PDF File

After examining the shortfalls of the manual approach, it’s time to discuss the professional approach. This approach will take care of data security and integrity throughout the process. This approach is performed by the PDF Lock Software in an efficient manner. This tool is specially designed to lock PDF files. It provides the restriction on the print, copy, edit, and extract permissions. A complete report is also generated for future use to get some useful insights from it. It will definitely teach you how to put restrictions on PDF file easily. You can download this tool on any version of windows.

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Some Advanced Features are as follows:-

  • It provides restrictions on the Copy, Edit, Fill, Print, Sign, Comment, Extract pages.
  • Uses the latest encryption algorithm AES256 bit.
  • You can opt for the Document open password for the opening of the file.
  • Use the Permission password to access the restricted permissions.
  • Restrict the multiple PDF files in the batch mode.
  • Users can specify the respective destination for the resulting file.
  • Maintains the folder structure throughout the process.
  • No need to worry about the versions of PDF it is compatible with all versions of PDF.

You just need to follow some steps:-

  • Download and Open the software.

restrict pdf

  • Click on Add File or Add Folder to select the required data in the software.

restrict pdf file

  • You can use Remove to remove the specified file and Remove All to remove all of the files inside the software.

restrict on pdf

  • Click on the Change button to find the destination path for the resulting file.

restrict permission pdf

  • Now go to the Settings tab, and choose the Apply Document Restriction option. After that, click on the Printing drop-down and select the printing restrictions at per convenience.

restricting on pdf

  • Click on the Change drop-down and select the relevant option for the editing.

permission on pdf

  • After finalizing the restrictions, you can set the password for the file and also confirm that.

permission pdf

  • After that tick the Apply Document Open Password and choose the password.

put permission on pdf

  • Click on Encryption type specify the required type and hit Lock.

How to put restrictions on pdf file


In the end, you are now aware of both of the approaches whether it is manual or professional. The manual way is not recommended because of some shortcomings. However, the professional approach is recommended because it is fulfilling all of the limitations of the manual approach. You can opt for any approach that is best suited for you. Hence you know how to put restrictions on PDF files.


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