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Complete Guide to Know How to Attach BAK File in SQL Server

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Published On June 10th, 2024
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It is easy to create a backup of the SQL Server database using the SQL Server management studio. But, when it comes to attaching a .bak file to the SQL server. Sometimes you may face many problems for some reasons such as corrupt backup files, error in the backup file, inaccessible backup file, etc. Before going further let us take a look at the user query first.

Last week I took the backup up of my SQL Server database manually. A few days ago I lost some data due to accidental deletion. I already had the backup, so I tried to restore the database by using .bak file. But I failed to do this. Can anyone guide me how to attach BAK file in SQL server 2017?

Are you facing the same issue? Then this blog will surely help you. In this, we will discuss the different solutions to overcome the above problem. If the user Instantly wants to attach the bak file in SQL Server then the user can take the help of SQL Backup Recovery Software.

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There are many reasons when users are not able to load .bak to SQL server database. Some of them are discussed below-

  • If the user is trying to attach a new version database BAK file to the old version SQL server, in such a scenario user will not be able to import the BAK file.
  • If the backup file is corrupted, you cannot restore the database using the BAK file.

Manual Approach to Attach BAK File in SQL Server

Step1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio.

Step2. Right click on databases> Task > Restore.

Step3. Click on From device or From database as per the requirement.

Step4. Click on the Add button to select the backup file and then click OK.

So far we have seen how to attach BAK file in SQL server 2017. In the case of the corrupted backup file, the SQL Server management studio is unable to attach the backup file with the SQL Server as it can not deal with the issues of corruption and inaccessible files. This software only restores a healthy backup file in SQL Server Database.

In such a case, you need to go with professional software. One such tool is SQL Backup Recovery Tool. This software will allow you to repair SQL Server corrupt backup file with all data items.

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Efficient Solution to Attach BAK File in SQL Server 2014 / 16 / 17 /19

The SQL Backup Recovery tool is the best solution that helps you to repair corrupt SQL BAK file and attaches the .bak file to the SQL Server within a few simple steps. It is compatible with SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and all below versions. The application is able to restore all data from the BAK file. Using this software, you can easily repair & restore .bak file of any size as no file size limitation is there. It helps to fix the corrupted BAK file and export the recovered database.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add The .bak File in The SQL Server

Step1. Launch the software SQL Backup Recovery on your system.

Step2. Click on Open and browse the BAK file to be attached.

Step3. The software can auto-detect the version of .bak file or you can select it manually.

Step4. The user can select multiple backup files at a time by clicking on the Add folder and single file by clicking on the Add file button.

Step5. Select the files to be recovered and click on the Recover button.

Step6. Expand the databases to preview the recovered components.

Step7. Click on Export to export the required components to the SQL server.

Step8. You can select an existing database or can select create a new database to export the selected components.

Step9. You can export with schema, this will include the only schema of selected components and with schema and data, this will include schema along with the data for the table.

Step10. Select the checkbox to export deleted records and click on Export.

Final words

Backup files help to prevent data loss. But, if the backup file is corrupted, then it becomes very difficult to attach the .bak file to the SQL Server. A large number of users are looking for a solution to repair corrupt files and to load the .bak file to the SQL Server. To solve this problem, we have seen two approaches mentioned above.

The manual method is for the cases where you have a healthy backup file as with the help of SSMS it is not possible to repair damages BAK file. The best and most reliable solution is the third-party tool that helps you to know how to attach the BAK file in SQL Server. This tool is compatible with SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and all the below versions. The demo version of the Backup recovery tool is also available.


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