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3 Best Ways to Fix “Mozilla Thunderbird Black Screen” Error

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Thunderbird is the open-source desktop email client among all business users. At times, the users might get stuck and face Mozilla Thunderbird Black Screen error while using the Thunderbird email application. Sometimes, Thunderbird will freeze due to a troublesome extension. In such conditions, the users first need to find and remove each extension which are causing the problem and the email client will normally work. There can be some reasons that are responsible behind Thunderbird Mail Black Screen error. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a complete procedure to fix Thunderbird black screen error in a reliable and efficient manner.

Different Ways to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Black Screen Error

There are so many reasons due to which users want to resolve this error. Here, some of them are listed below:

1. Start in Safe Mode

Users can try to run Thunderbird mail in safe mode. For doing his, first erase all the extensions from an email client and ensure that it is not running on a local system. Now, to begin Thunderbird in safe mode, follow the given below steps:

a) For Windows Users

Open the Run console and then, type “Thunderbird-Safe-Mode”. After this, press OK button.

b) For Mac Users

i) Run Terminal and enter “Thunderbird” inside the text field. Hit on Show All after that.
ii) From the “Application category”, you just need to drag Mozilla Thunderbird and drop it to a terminal window screen
iii) Attach the “Contents/-MacOS/-Thunderbird-bin-safe-mode” with “Thunderbird.app
iv) In the end, you must have to turn on the Safe Mode by holding the Enter key.

c) For Linux Users

i) In the command line, type the location of Thunderbird (Safe Mode)
ii) In the Menu bar, go to Tools and click on Add-Ons. Now, select Extension option.
iii) Next, you must specify the troubling extension and click the Uninstall button again and again
iv) Finally, exit it and start Thunderbird application again

2. Backup Thunderbird Mailbox

Another method includes the procedure to backup Thunderbird mailbox data, including emails, calendar, contacts, etc. to avoid the loss of data. This option will helpful where Mozilla Thunderbird mail black screen error occurs. Some users can do the below mentioned steps:

a) For Windows 10 & 8 Users

i) Start Run console and then, type ‘%appdata%’ inside the text field. Press OK button.
ii) Now, open the Thunderbird folder and navigate to Profiles folder.
iii) Next, you can open a specific profile’s directory.

b) For Mac Users

i) First, launch New Finder Window screen and select Command+Shift+G key
ii) Now, type ‘~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/’ and select the Go button
iii) In the next step, open a particular Thunderbird profile folder

c) For Linux Users

i) Launch the File Browser window and go to ‘~/.thunderbird’ directory
ii) Navigate to the specific profile’s directory and then, highlight every folder
iii) Here, you can copy all mailbox items to any desired location
iv) After that, type ‘tar -zcf MozillaProfiles.tar.gz’ and press Enter key
v) It will compress the complete file and a newly created file will be known as MozillaProfiles.tar.gz.
vi) Finally, you can easily restore each file on any other system.

By performing above-stated steps, the users can easily backup Thunderbird mailbox data to the different location and afterward, restore their profile as well. This can help you out to resolve Thunderbird mail black screen issue.

3. Trustworthy Solution to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Black Screen Error

If the above-stated method does not work and users are unable to access their mailbox data. Then, they can opt for a reliable third party tool i.e., MBOX to Outlook Converter. It is designed in such a way to migrate MBOX data items into Outlook PST format. With this application, users can preview of all MBOX emails along with attachments. It is capable enough to resolve Thunderbird black screen error with an ease. It has a simple and easy-to -use interface that even a novice user can understand it without taking any external help.


Getting errors while using Thunderbird application are always irritating no matter in what form they are. In this blog, we have explained the Mozilla Thunderbird black screen error in detail. Also, we have discussed two manual approaches for different platforms. Apart from this, we have suggested a commercial solution named as MBOX to Outlook Converter along with its great features.


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