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How to Export Emails from HostMonster to Local System

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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HostMonster is a US-based web hosting provider that has been offering its services since 1996. It also features a webmail to access your email account online. In case you require to export HostMonster emails to your local computer, you can read this article to access the relevant information.

Here, we will cover:

  • Webmail Clients in HostMonster
  • Export Emails from Individual Clients to Local computer
    • Extra – Export Contacts & Calendars

So, let us start.

Webmail Clients in HostMonster

HostMonster provides two webmail applications to access your emails:

  1. Roundcube
  2. Horde

(SquirrelMail is no longer supported)

The method to export emails vary for these clients. So, choose the method as per your preferred application.

How to Export Emails from HostMonster Clients

First login to your webmail client in the browser:

  1. Direct login – Go to HostMonster.com/webmail, type your email id, password and click on Login button.
  2. From Control Panel – Go to my.hostmonster.com and login to your control panel. Then, select Hosting >> Email. Click on View Inbox and login with your email credentials.

If you have set up a webmail client as the default client, it will open directly after login. If it’s not selected, then a webpage will open asking you to select a webmail to access your emails.

Choose your client and follow the steps as per your selection.

I. For Roundcube

HostMonster Roundcube exports emails in EML format only. Also, there is no bulk-export option in it.

  • In Roundcube, select the email message you want to export
  • Click on More

more options

  • Select Download (.eml).

dowload as eml

  • Do this for all the email messages that your wish to export.
  • You will end up with EML files that contain your email messages.

If you wish to get your emails in PST or formats other than EML, you must use a trusted EML to PST converter software. This tool converts your exported HostMonster emails to PST, MSG, HTML, MBOX, PDF, and NSF.

II. For Horde

HostMonster Horde supports exporting emails in bulk. It saves the mailbox in MBOX file format.

  • Select the mailbox folder that you wish to export (say, Inbox)
  • If only the Inbox folder is on display, go to Folder Actions and choose Show All Mailboxes.
  • Right-click on it and select the Export option.

export emails

  • Select Download into a MBOX file and click the OK button.

choose mbox format

  • It will save the HostMonster mailbox in MBOX file format.

file is saved

If you wish to get your emails in PST or formats other than MBOX, you can make use of trusted MBOX to PST Converter software. This tool converts HostMonster to Outlook PST, EML, MSG, HTML, NSF, and PDF.

Extra – Exporting Contacts & Calendars

Again, the process varies as per the selected webmail client.

For Roundcube –

  1. Open Contacts & select Export dropdown arrow.
  2. Click Export all to export all contacts from HostMonster.
  3. It will save the contacts in VCF file format to your local computer.


  1. Click on Calendar and select the Export option, then again Export on the popup.
  2. It will export calendar to ICS file format.

For Horde:

  1. Click Address Book and select Import/Export >> Export Address Book
  2. Choose the export file format along with the address book you want to export, then click Export button.
  3. It will download the contacts in supported file format.


  1. Click on Calendar and click the edit icon next to your calendar.
  2. Select Export tab >> Export ICS File to export from HostMonster.

Summary: The article covers the HostMonster export emails process with step-by-step instructions. It also provides steps to export contacts and calendars from HostMonster webmail clients.

This article is valid for exporting emails from:

  • HostMonster to PST, HostMonster to Outlook
  • HostMonster to MSG
  • HostMonster to HTML
  • HostMonster to MBOX
  • HostMonster to PDF
  • HostMonster to NSF
  • HostMonster to EML

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