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Exchange Server Recovery Made Simple with Expert Recommended Tool

Exchange Server Recovery

Nilesh Kumar | Published: July 29, 2022 | Exchange Server | 4 Minutes Reading

Overview: The following write-up discusses a tried and tested utility by experts to perform Exchange Server Recovery. The smart Scan Modes in this application ensure complete data recovery without any compromise to the data. Even the most severe corruption levels can be fixed using the discussed utility.

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the most crucial assets for an organization as it is responsible for all the email communication needs. Most organizations monitor the Exchange Server properly to ensure the server’s trouble-free running at all times. Despite monitoring the server, there are times when the Exchange Server breaks down and requires proper recovery.

Therefore, in the following write-up, we will discuss the best ways for Exchange Server Recovery. The breakdown can happen due to multiple reasons like damaged databases, issues in hardware, dirty shutdown, etc.

If the reason for the issue is related to the hardware, then you can simply replace the hardware and bring it online. In spite of that, if the reason behind the issue is server / database related, then you might be in some serious trouble and need to opt for a reliable Exchange Server Recovery tool that can help you bring back your database to a healthy state.

You can use the below-mentioned professional utility that can help you repair Exchange EDB files in just no time. So, let us now discuss why you should choose this utility over others and how you can use it without any expert’s assistance.

Exchange Server Recovery Using a Professional Solution

There are many scenarios where the administrators or the users get stuck into a situation where they find that their Exchange database is corrupted and are unable to access the database. In such situations, they should opt for the utility that is tried and tested by experts and rated as the best one in the range.

Users must try this Exchange Recovery Software that enables users to recover emails, calendars, contacts, and other mailbox items from Exchange Server DB files. Users just need to load an EDB file into the software and the tool will perform an in-depth recovery on the file.

There are two scan modes offered in this Exchange Server Recovery Software that ensure that even the severe corruption issues are fixed by the tool. Once a file is added to the software, it will generate a preview of mailbox items in the EDB file. You can also recover selective items from the Exchange Server DB file.

Not just that, you don’t need to purchase the licensed version to try this software. There is a free demo version offered with this tool that will help you perform Exchange Server Recovery for free and check if all your data is recovered into a healthy state.

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Simple Working Steps of This Software

1. Free download software for Exchange Server Recovery.

2. Launch the application and click on the Add file button.

3. Choose if you want to perform Quick Scan or Advance Scan depending on the corruption level.

4. Once scanned, you can see a preview of the mailbox items.

5. Click on the Export button to choose the export option and advanced filters offered in this tool.

6. You can either choose the PST option if you want to convert EDB file to PST format. Else, you also have the option to export EDB files directly into Exchange Server.

7. After choosing all the required options and customizing your export, your Exchange Server Recovery will be 100% successful.

Once you perform all the aforementioned steps, your corrupted Exchange database files would be fixed and ready to access. The major USP of using this utility is that you can use it yourself without any assistance. The self-explanatory UI makes it extremely simple for users to carry out the process themselves.

Final Words

It can be quite challenging for organizations to perform Exchange Server Recovery without losing a single bit of data. Choosing a reliable solution during such situations is itself a task as any data loss during the process can result in irreversible losses both monetary and data. Thus, we have discussed the most rated utility by Exchange experts which helps users in recovering data without any inconvenience.