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Delete Gmail Emails by Date in a Quick Motion – Updated Guide

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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User Query: How can I delete Gmail emails by date? I have a ton of emails in my mailbox which have really important emails but certain emails are of no use. I have a little idea of the time-period that the useless emails arrived in but I need to first make sure that the important emails stay safe. Please suggest something.

The storage space in the mailbox fills up quickly if there is a heavy flow of emails on a daily-basis. Since the storage capacity of Gmail is 15GB divided into Gmail, Google Photos, & Google Drive, the 5GB storage is quickly filled.

Users delete emails from Gmail by date mainly because of the storage issue. Those who have a clue on when these emails were received have it a little easier.

Gmail being one of the most preferable webmail clients, provides various services & functions that help with quick conversations & communication.

If you do not want to purchase more storage for the mailbox and keep using the free space, it is better to download the data locally & then remove the emails from the mailbox.

But how can this happen? How we can delete emails in gmail by date and create space to add more emails which are important.

You Can Delete Gmail Emails by Date Using Two Simple Ways

There is the manual method which consists of a few drawbacks but is a simple procedure and users are quite familiar with the work.

However, it can lead to complications if you do not take a backup before deletion.

The other method is the Uncomplicated Gmail Email Backup Software that you can easily download on your machine. The trial version of this tool will transfer the first 100 emails to help users understand the working.

Take a quick glance towards both methods & choose the better one to delete emails in Gmail by date.

Manual Method to Delete Emails From Gmail by Date

For the manual method, use the Google Takeout tool first to take a backup of the data you want to delete. This step is a must if you do not want to go through the troubles of losing data permanently.

Once you have a copy of your files on the local storage, follow these steps to delete the emails:

1. Sign in to your Gmail account & go to the inbox.

2. In the Search bar, enter the command for a specific time period to delete Gmail emails by date such as “older_than: 1y” and all the emails that match this criteria will appear.


3. Mark the Select all checkbox & choose the Select all conversations that match this search option to mark all the emails.


4. Click on the Delete or Bin option to remove all the emails from the inbox.

5. Move to the Bin folder & open it.

6. Select the emails you want to delete permanently & click on Delete forever Or choose the Empty Bin Now option.


7. Delete emails from Gmail by date by hitting the OK button for confirmation.


The emails will be deleted & you’ll get more free storage in the mailbox.

What Are the Drawbacks of Manually Removing Emails from the Mailbox?

  • The method to take backup first is a time-consuming & tricky process.
  • It takes time depending upon the file-size which can be from minutes to hours to days.
  • Deleting emails from the trash can be a bit risky if you remove the data without checking the folder for previously deleted emails.
  • This can become a lengthy process with taking a backup, removing emails from different folders, checking the trash, etc.

Follow This Other Method to Delete Gmail Emails by Date & Take Backup

The software has the ability to take a backup of the data & delete it after the download in a single process.

Just a few steps and the procedure will be finished without any failure in a swift manner. You can use the Delete after Download feature to download the files & delete them automatically from the mailbox.

There are various other features that this software provides making it the expert’s choice such as a user-friendly interface & a Date-filter for specific emails transfer.

Guide to Delete Emails from Gmail by Date of the Software

1. Run the tool and enter the credentials for your Gmail account. Press the Login button to start to.


2. Click on the desired file format in the Select Email Format section & hit the Browse button to choose the destination.


3. Hit the Delete after Download button to apply this feature for removing emails.


4. Press the Apply Filter option to make use of the Date filter to set the dates for a specific time period.


5. Tap on the Start button to complete the procedure to delete emails in Gmail by date.


Making the Last Note

The process to delete Gmail emails by date does not have any complications. It can be fulfilled in a quick manner & help get the free storage space back. The only problem is the crucial emails being lost in this operation.

While manually deleting the data, there are certain emails that are of importance but are lost due to the manual working. The software, on the other hand, is quick & doesn’t cause any trouble like that.

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Q1. Whats the best method to delete emails in gmail by date?

You can used the offline tool feature called Delete after downlaod and mention the date range and that helps to take the backup and delete emails in gmail by date.

Q2. Can we use this tool to remove the emails from multiple Gmail accounts?

Yes, this tool allows you to remove the emails from different accounts by date.


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