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How to Clean Up Outlook Mailbox? – Best Solutions

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On January 15th, 2024
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In daily life the emails are the integral part of our daily routine in this digital era. To manage our emails, Outlook is a popular email client which manages our emails efficiently. But your Outlook mailbox can be full due to long periods of usage and getting a large amount of email. The large file attachments, duplicate emails and junk files also may be the reason to make your outlook inbox. It may stop the new emails from coming into your mail account. To get the new mails you need to clean up Outlook mailbox.

You will see the best methods to free up Outlook inbox. Also the causes which make the storage full and their precautions that can help you to manage the storage of Outlook. In methods you will see the manual and professional methods that can help in cleaning up. So, do not skip a single word in reading.

Causes and Precaution to Clean Up Outlook Mailbox

  • Firstly you can delete the unnecessary emails which are not in use. Because, if you do not delete then it will occupy storage.
    Manage the emails in folders according to their subjects and size.
  • Make Archive the important emails that you do not want to delete.
  • Unsubscribe from the newsletters who send emails regularly.
  • Make sure that your deleted items folder is empty or not. If it is not then make it empty.
  • Remove the large attachments from the emails after storing or downloading into your computer system hard disk memory.
  • Configure the Auto- Archive setting on your outlook mail account. This setting can remove or delete the emails on the basis of preference.
  • Make target to regular maintenance of your Outlook configured mail account.

Methods to Free Up Outlook Inbox

There are different methods that can clean up Outlook mailbox in an easy way. The manual methods given by technical experts are described in this blog. You can use any of the method which are best according to your requirements.

Method 1. Clean Up Outlook Mailbox Using Manual Method

This manual method is given by Outlook itself that can help you. You can easily clean up Outlook mailbox using this method without any interruption.

Follow the steps to use this method.

Step 1. Run Outlook on your computer system.
Step 2. Go to file option and then click on the Info icon.
Step 3. Select the Clean up Tool from the dropdown which is generated after selecting the Info icon.
Step 4. Do click on the Mailbox Cleanup option from the generated dropdown.
Step 5. Apply a time filter or size filter according to your need and press the OK button. It will show you the all shortlisted emails which you can falgout to delete.
Step 6. After applying the flag you can delete those emails easily and it will clean up Outlook mailbox.

How to delete the emails in Outlook

  • Do Right Click on flagged email.
  • Press the Delete button or select the delete option.
  • Press the Yes option to delete the flagged email permanently when Outlook generates the notification.

Method 2. Free Up Outlook Inbox Using the Junk Option

As we talked about the junk emails, these emails also occupy space in the inbox of your Outlook. These are not able to open and not occur in use. Sometimes the blocked sender email also stores in the junk folder. So, you need to clean up Outlook mailbox. For which Outlook itself gives you the option to free up the space. You can easily use this method by applying this method.

Follow the given steps of outlook to fix this problem.

Step 1. Open the Outlook on your windows operating system.
Step 2. Go to the Junk option and press the left button of your mouse.
Step 3. Select the junk email options from the dropdown which is generated.
Step 4. Choose the Safe Lists option from the Options icon.
Step 5. Press the OK button to finish the task.

Your all junk files will be deleted permanently from the junk files folder and mailbox.

Note:- As you see the manual approach is taking very much time to perform the task. It can only do the process on one email at one time. Suppose you have thousands of emails in your mail. Then you will be frustrated in doing this job. So you need another method that can perform the task in minutes.

Method 3. Use Professional Method to Clean Up Outlook Mailbox

If you are not able to free up Outlook inbox using the manual approaches. The Outlook Duplicates Remover is the best solution. It can clean up Outlook mailbox in an easy way. You can clean thousands of emails from Outlook at one time. Remove contact, emails, calendar, and many more things using this tool effectively. You can use this method as free using the demo version. But it will perform the job only on first fifty emails.

Features of the Tool

  1. You can add files and folders in bulk to remove duplicate items.
  2. You can change the destination location of the newly generated file.
  3. You can select email, contact, calendar, etc from the item type portion.
  4. Free up Outlook inbox of a particular time frame.
  5. You can split the new file according to your entered details of file or folder.
  6. You will get the report of successful or unsuccessful mails that are removed or not.
  7. You get a demo version of the tool to use which is free.

Follow the Steps of the tool to clean up Outlook mailbox.

Step 1. Run the tool after the compilation process of download and installation.

Step 2. Add files or folders in which duplicacy is present. If you do not know where
the file is present. Then you can add by searching.

Step 3. Select the duplicate option according to your need and press theNext button.

Step 4. Select the item type as email.

Step 5. Choose the Put Flag option from the dropdown which is generated after selecting the Choose Action option and press the Next button. Your task is completed.

Note:- Go to your Outlook and delete all the flagged emails from the mailbox. This process will free up Outlook inbox and you can get the new emails on your mail account. The deleting process is described earlier in the steps of method one. You can follow up those steps to finish the job. If this method does not help you to complete your task. You may use the advanced version of this tool.


In this blog you saw the best methods to clean up Outlook mailbox. All the methods are best at their place of requirement, because the manual methods are best for five to ten emails where the professional method can clean up thousands of emails from inbox. You can use any of the methods according to your need and expertise. By chance you do not have knowledge about technology and computers. The tool is best for you to use because it is very simple to use.