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Find How Can you Attach PST File to Outlook

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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It is really an exciting work for me to write about these small things, which might help you to get rid of these kinds of problems. Today I am going to write about how to Attach PST File to Outlook.

If you want to shift from Microsoft Windows to Apple Macintosh Operating System then this post is important for you.

I learnt the same when I was working in a company and they asked me to switch from one place to another. Earlier I was working on Windows Operating System but at the other workplace I was asked to work on Macintosh OS. I started working on Macintosh but I was unable to access my emails. Then I searched a lot on Google about shifting Outlook mails from Windows to Macintosh and I got the solution.

  1. First, we need to copy PST file into pen drive or any other storage device and move it into Macintosh computer.
  2. Now open Outlook in Macintosh OS and click on “File” menu and then click on “Import”.

    Outlook File Menu

    Outlook File Menu

  3. Click “Outlook Data File” and then click on the right arrow.

    Outlook Data File

    Outlook Data File

  4. Now you need to select “Outlook for Windows Data File” and then click on right arrow.
  5. Now select the location of PST file in your Macintosh machine and then click on “Import”.Outlook for windows data file
    Outlook for Windows data file
  6. Now import process will start and you need to wait until the completion of import process.
  7. After completion of import process, just click on “Done”.

    Finish Import

    Finish Import

Frequently Asked Questions

I am writing some Frequently Asked Questions related to this topic, which might help you not to be doubtful to Attach PST file to Outlook.

  1. Is there any chance of file corruption during the import process?
    Ans: No, there is not any chance of file corruption during import process. This process is totally secure.
  2. Can I shift back to Microsoft Windows from Apple machine?
    Ans: You cannot shift again into Windows from Mac Outlook. Outlook in Windows creates PST file to save user data but in Mac Outlook create OLM file for it. If you want to shift Outlook data into Microsoft Windows from Mac then you can use any third party converter / extractor tool to convert Mac Outlook OLM file into Microsoft Outlook PST.

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