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Quick Ways to Add Draft Watermark to PDF

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Published On February 7th, 2024
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A ‘draft’ watermark serves as a temporary marker on a PDF, indicating it’s still a work in progress. Typically used for initial project or contract reports sent for review, these documents may undergo further revisions before finalization. However, are you aware of the advantages to add draft watermark to PDF? 

In this post, we’ll explore the following topics…

Benefits of Add Draft Watermark to Adobe PDF

If the term ‘draft’ is included as a watermark in a document, it indicates that the document is still in progress. Consequently, if it’s an official agreement between parties, it lacks legal validity and cannot be enforced. However, adding a draft watermark to a portable document format sometimes plays a crucial role and there are many advantages behind it. Let’s have a quick look at the same. 

    • This shows visually that the document isn’t final yet and might change.
    • It protects legally by clearly marking incomplete documents, reducing the chance of misuse or misunderstanding.
    • Add draft watermark to PDF helps keep things private by showing the document isn’t ready for everyone to see.
    • Signals that it’s okay for others to provide input before the document is finalized.
    • Makes you look professional by showing you’re careful with your work.
    • Helps keep track of which version of the document is being looked at, making the review process smoother.
  • With a clear understanding of why the digital draft watermark is essential, let’s move on to learn how to add draft watermark to Adobe PDF.

Manual Approach to Add Draft Watermark to PDF

To add watermark to PDF manually, you have to opt for Adobe Acrobat Pro which is a premium software requiring a subscription. Remember, just having an Adobe Acrobat DC won’t work, as this approach lacks a watermarking feature. 

When choosing the traditional way, you need to get a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro to add logo to PDF file or any other watermark. But it’s often too costly for many users. Unfortunately, there isn’t another simple way to do this task manually. 

Let’s walk through the process in Adobe Acrobat Pro:

  • Begin by Opening the PDF file to which you want to add draft watermark to Adobe PDF
  •  in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Go to the “Tools” tab in the top menu and click on it.
  • Select “Edit PDF” from the Tools pane. This step permits you to modify the content within your PDF file.
  • Click on “Watermark” in the toolbar. 
  • Choose “Add” from the dropdown menu to add draft watermark to PDF. 
  • When another menu appears select “Text” or “Image” for the watermark type.
  • Customize the watermark text or select an image file.
  • Adjust the opacity, rotation, and position of the watermark.
  • Click “OK” to apply the watermark.
  • Save the PDF file with the added draft watermark.

These are the instructions to add watermarks in PDFs. But, with this approach, most of the users face some hassles like requiring a subscription and limiting accessibility, and customization options are limited. Plus, issues like formatting, removal difficulty, compatibility, and performance arise. 

Now that we’ve seen the downsides of the usual method, let’s explore a more effective solution to add draft watermark to Adobe PDF reliably.

How to Add Watermark to PDF? – Smartly

To bypass any type of hurdles to add draft watermark to PDF procedure, it is highly recommended to opt for PDF Watermark Maker Software. Plus, this is a try-and-tested solution by the experts, so don’t need to worry while option this. Using this utility, you can streamline your task with its advanced and reliable features. 

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With this, you won’t have any trouble. Just download it and permit it to run. What’s more, its demo version is available for free. Moreover, purchasing the complete version, which comes at a reduced price compared to Adobe Acrobat Pro, unleashes its complete capabilities.

What Makes the Suggested Solution Preferable?

The solution we discussed earlier brings advanced functionalities to add draft watermark to PDF simultaneously. Why wait any longer? Let’s explore its features right away:

    • It can make text watermarks look different by adding the font, style, color, and size, according to your needs.
    • You can adjust the watermark’s position whether in horizontal or vertical distances with the help of advanced settings. 
    • Using the specified solution, you can not only embed text watermarks but also opt to insert image signature in PDF, and Date & Time as a watermark. 
    •  as your watermark.
    • With this, you can add watermarks to multiple PDF files without any restrictions, regardless of the size of your data.
    • After you install this, you won’t need to download any other apps because it’s all-inclusive and can handle the task by itself.

Simple Steps: How to Utilize

Now, we’ll take a closer look to add draft watermark to PDF using the specified solution:

  • Start by downloading and launching the solution mentioned earlier.

Launch the solution.

  • Use either the “Add Files” or “Add Folder” option to import your PDF documents.

Add files using "Add Folder" or "Add Files".

  • Choose the Text Watermark function.

Click "Text" option.

  • Enter ‘Draft’ into the Text Watermark field and customize settings accordingly.

In the "Text" box write "Draft".

  • Customize font style, appearance, and positioning to suit your preferences.

Select font family to modify your text.

  • Once satisfied with the adjustments made, click on the ‘Generate’ button to apply the changes.

Click on Generate.

Hence, within six easy steps, you can easily add draft watermark to Adobe PDF hassle-free. 

Observational Verdict

We trust that you’ll have a wonderful experience by exploring the comprehensive solutions in our guide to add draft watermark to PDF effortlessly. Plus, forget repetitive tasks with manual techniques– our recommended tool simplifies the process. Also, there are no limits on file size; just click to handle multiple files at once. Designed for all users, whether you are technical or naive. 





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