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Split MS Outlook OST File

OST File Splitter

Tool to Break Oversized Outlook OST File into Small Parts

  • Divide large size OST file into small parts by Size, Date, Year, Folder, Email ID & Category
  • Reduce the size of recently created OST & archive Outlook OST file
  • Option to Add OST File / Folder and Search OST Files
  • Split all items of OST file i.e. emails, tasks, journals, contacts, etc.
  • Break Offline Outlook OST without any file size limitation into PST (UNICODE)
  • MS Outlook Installation is not necessary for splitting large OST data files
(Reduce size of offline OST file)
{ Demo version splits 50 items of selected file }

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Remarkable Features to Split MS Outlook OST File

3 Ways To Split OST File

Break Oversized OST File

With the help of OST File Splitter, a user can reduce OST file size by dividing it into smaller parts of PST file. In addition, the tool is capable enough to break ANSI & UNICODE OST file without nay hassle. The application also makes sure that it does not compromise data integrity. Moreover, it preserves the Meta properties like To, Subject, Bcc, Cc, etc., also of OST file even after process completion.

Split Database By Size

Divide Outlook OST File by Size

While splitting OST file into multiple PST file, the tool provides users an option to divide OST file by size. However, a large OST file creates many issues for the user. So, with the help of this option, it becomes easy for them to split Outlook OST file into small parts. One can easily specify the size and the tool will break OST file according to that only and reduces the chance of corruption.

Split Notes file By Folder

Split OST Data File by Folder

If a user wants to divide Outlook OST files on a folder basis, then the software provides an option for the same. The OST file Splitter provides users an option to create a separate file for each of the specific folder present in the OST data file. In addition, a user can break the desired folder based on the size also. However, in order to split the corrupted OST file, one needs to repair it first.

Split Notes File By Year

Break Outlook OST by Year

In order to split OST file according to year, a user can simply use this software. To do the same, a user needs to choose “split MS Outlook OST by year” option. After that, specify the range of year, for example, 2010-2017, the tool will create a separate PST file for each year. It becomes easy for a user to access these files in Outlook without affecting the original structure of the files.

Split OST File With All ITEMS

Option to Split OST By Date

Another impressive feature of this OST File Splitter is divided OST by date. After considering the requirement of the user in mind, the tool provides users an option to divide the OST file on date basis also. After specifying the date, the tool will break OST file into two parts. First part will contain items "of and prior" the defined date and second part will contain the items after the specified date.

Notes Versions Supported

Save Resultant File at Desired Location

The OST file Splitter provides users an option to split MS Outlook OST file into different segments. In addition, it preserves the data integrity and original formatting of the data. After splitting OST file, the software allows users the to save the resultant files to a new folder. Moreover, the CSV file is stored at the same location by default.

Why Use OST File Splitter?

OST file is a data file of the MS Outlook application. It is an offline folder file that makes it easy for the users to work in an offline mode. As the connection is established again, it gets synchronized with the Exchange Server. However, OST file stores all data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc., available in Outlook mailbox. Sometimes, OST file grows unnecessarily large and starts generating issues. For example, Outlook becomes slow or corruption in OST file. Therefore, to prevent such type of issues, it is important to reduce OST file size by splitting it into multiple parts.

Why Use OST File Splitter?

In order to split MS Outlook OST file, a user is simply suggested to use OST File Splitter. It is a software that is designed specially to divide OST file into multiple parts by size, date, folder or year. The user interface of the application is really simple to use that anyone can use it minimum technical knowledge also. Moreover, the tool supports MS Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all below versions.

  • Split MS Outlook OST file by size, folder, date, year, email id and category
  • Divide all data items like emails, calendars, etc., of OST file
  • Provide complete details of the splitting process on the screen
OST Email splitter


“Using OST File Splitter was a really amazing experience. I never thought that managing OST file will be so easy with the help of this software. It breaks all OST file into multiple parts in just a few number of clicks.”

— Gary Wenzel, Dallas

Screenshots to Split OST File

Select Way to Split OST file
Select OST file to Split

How to Reduce Size of OST File

Frequntly Asked Questions

Can I split OST file by yearly archive also using OST Splitter Utility?
Yes, the software provides you an option to break OST by year also with the help of OST File Splitter., You can split OST file into Multiple small files according to the defined size. You can define size from 5 MB to 10 GB to Split a file.
Does the application maintain the integrity of data after splitting OST file into small parts?
Yes, this application is capable enough that it split the OST file and does not compromise the originality of data. Therefore, zero chances of data loss using this OST File Splitter.
Can I split the ANSI OST file also with the help of this tool?
Yes, you can easily divide both ANSI & UNICODE OST file without any trouble using this OST File Splitter application.
Is it possible to split corrupted OST file using this utility?
Yes, tool repair OST file before splitting damaged OST file.

Client Reviews

“The functionality of the application to Split MS Outlook OST File is really easy that I did not find any issue in using it. One of my friends suggested me this OST File Splitter to reduce the size of OST file effortlessly. I would like to say that what a great effort was done by the developer in developing such an amazing utility.”

— -Ellen Simon, Australia

“The OST file splitter with four different option is really amazing. I was searching for the software that allows me to divide OST file into the yearly archive. Thanks to this software for helping me in such a great way. I am definitely going to suggest this tool to my friends also.””

— -Bruno, USA