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Lotus Notes NSF Splitter

NSF File Splitter

Split Large Lotus Notes file into Small Size NSF files

  • Split Password Protected NSF file
  • Lotus Notes Installation required
  • Split NSF file By Size, Folder, Date & Year
  • Log Report Generated for Comparison
  • IBM Notes 9.0 & below version supported
  • Split Domino Server NSF file as well
(For Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.6 & all below Versions)
{ Demo version let you export 15 selective items/folder }

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Software Features to Split NSF File

3 Ways To Split NSF File

4 Ways To Split NSF File

This tool provides you multiple ways to split NSF file. You can split with respect to Size, Folder, Date and Year. It offers a good management of file after splitting. It will be easy for you to manage & distribute NSF files.

Split Database By Size

Split Database By Size

You can break Large NSF files into equal size of small NSF files. You just need to choose a range to split large file from 5 MB to 10 GB & the software will split file according to the defined size.

Split Notes file By Folder

Split Notes file By Folder

This tool can help you break Large NSF file into small segments via folders. For ex: inbox.nsf file will be created for Inbox folder and outbox.nsf file will be created for Outbox folder. This way large NSF file will be divided into small divisions of folders.

Split Notes File By Year

Split Notes File By Year

Divide a Large Lotus Notes database into small sized NSF files according to year. For Ex: If you select range of year from 2011 to 2015 then it will split NSF file into parts representing each year.

Split NSF File With All ITEMS

Split NSF File With All ITEMS

You can split Lotus Notes database into small NSF files with all items like: Emails, Contacts, Calendars & archived files. You can further divide NSF file with any splitting option.

Notes Versions Supported

Notes Versions Supported

This software is tested with all Lotus Notes software versions ranging from IBM Notes 9.0 to all below versions. The splitting was performed in a successful manner with the database of each version.

Auto Generates Report

Auto Generates Report

A Log file is automatically generated by the tool for comparison of files before & after splitting operation. You just need to click on Compare NSF button to generate CSV report file in which you can view folder path, size of file and diff. of file before & after splitting operation.

Divide NSF File By Date

Divide NSF File By Date

Break Lotus Notes Emails by applying filer according to date of sending & receiving emails. You just need to select particular date to split all emails in New NSF file from an existed large NSF file.

What is NSF File?

NSF file is a database file generated by Lotus Notes software by IBM. It stores all data of the user profile and is known as Notes Storage Facility (NSF) file. It used to store business data like: Emails, Calendars, contacts etc. Lotus Notes files are hosted by IBM Domino Web server for providing facility to clients & maintaining same file at client machine. It allows users to work offline and when changes take place at client side then it will be synchronized automatically with Domino server database.

Need of this Tool to Split NSF File

This tool will provide you the best splitting experience of NSF file into small files with multiple and multi time splitting options. This tool makes you sure that Lotus Notes file have successfully split by generating CSV report In which you can compare files before & after splitting. There are several reasons listed following which makes you to use Lotus Notes Splitter Software.

  • Split Lotus Notes Database file with all items
  • Split NSF file by Year / Size / Folder / Date
  • Generates Log Report after successful file splitting
NSF file splitter


It was really a great experience using NSF Splitter tool. It split all my files into several small files. I had never expected that split operation would only take four clicks to complete.

— Gary Wenzel, Dallas

Screenshots to Split NSF File

Select Way to Split NSF file
Select NSF file to Split

Conversion preview to Split NSF File

Frequntly Asked Questions

Hii, I am CJ. I have several NSF files of my employees & each having size more than 6 GB. I want to take backup of NSF files into DVD but its file size is more than the limit of a DVD size. SO, MY question is, does this tool able to split NSF file according to defined size.?
Yes CJ, You can split NSF file into Multiple small files according to the defined size. You can define size from 5 MB to 10 GB to Split a file.
Can I Split only single Inbox folder data from NSF file?
Yes, You can define a folder name which you want to split from NSF file.
Hey, I am accessing Domino Server since last 6 Years and I want to manage my NSF file according to years. Can this tool split my NSF file according to defined year?
Yes, you can split NSF file according to defined year. You just need to define year range like: 2009 to 2015 and this tool will split NSF file into 6 individual NSF files.
Can Lotus Notes NSF Splitter split password protected NSF file?
Yes, this tool is able to split Password Protected NSF file, for this you need to enter password applied on file.

Client Reviews on NSF File Splitter Software

Lotus Notes NSF Splitter provided option to split according to Year, Folder & Size and I used all options to split & manage all files and later on saved all NSF file into DVD easily, like this it helped me to save space of my computer's hard drive.

— Damian M. Frank, Las Vegas

I was curious about my Lotus Notes Database file. I tried to split it many times & could not get the result according to my expectation. But I am totally satisfied after using this tool to split NSF file of Lotus Notes which gave me flexibility in splitting.

— David Wozniak, US