Open Outlook Mac OLM Files

OLM File Reader

Freeware Software to Read OLM File to View Items

  • Instant preview of OLM file contents after quick scan
  • Preview Items: Emails with Attachment, & other items
  • Open OLM file of any size to read items stored within
  • Scanned OLM file can be saved to avoid rescanning
  • Compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
(Support Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP)
(Req 512 MB of RAM & 2 GB Recommended)
(8 MB Free Space in Hard Disk Drive)

Feature Available to Open OLM File

Open OLM file

Open & Read Outlook Mac OLM File

This tool allows you to open OLM file in Windows Operating System to view all items like emails with attachments, calendars, tasks, etc.

View Items

View Items After Scanning

The best OLM file reader provides the facility to preview all your items after scanning of Outlook OLM file. It scans all folders Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts, etc.

Save Scanned File

Option to Save Scanned File

This option allows you to save scanned OLM file to load the file instantly in future. You can save the time of repeatedly scanning the same file. You can open scanned copy of the file saved on your machine to open the same OLM file.

Maintain Meta Data Integrity

Maintain Meta Data Integrity

This software does not change data of Outlook Mac OLM file while opening it. This software retains complete detail of each email and displays the same information like; Sender's Name, Recipient Name, Email Sending Time, Email Receiving Time, Size of the Email, etc.

Mac not Required

Mac Environment Not Required

If you want to read OLM file on a Windows machine, you can do so with this tool. OLM Reader tool does not require any environment or setup other than Window OS to open OLM file.

Simple UI

Easy & Simple User Interface

This tool approximately has the same UI as Outlook, with which the users are quite familiar. Therefore, it automatically makes the tool easy to operate and user friendly to open OLM file.

What is OLM File ?

OLM file is Outlook for Mac Data file, which is used to store all Outlook data like Emails, Calendars, Contacts, etc. Microsoft Outlook for Mac creates OLM file to save user data on local machine. It is a proprietary file format of Outlook Mac email client.

Why We Need a Tool to Open OLM File?

OLM file cannot be accessed by any platform other than Outlook for Mac. That is why we need a tool to view OLM file items when using a Windows OS based machine. This tool is very helpful for users who need to open an OLM file but are currently using a Windows OS based machine. OLM Reader tool is very helpful in a condition like this as it helps to view all items from an Outlook for Mac data file on a Windows machine. This software also provides some additional facilities with reading items, which are listed below:

  • Generate instant preview of items after scanning OLM
  • No file size limitation for OLM files to be opened & read
  • Allows saving scanned file to avoid repeated scanning
  • Supports all Windows OS versions: 8.1 & All Below
olm File Reader


I was having an OLM file archive from the last 2 years on my Windows Machine. I had lost all hope of viewing my stored emails from the file but this tool just made it possible to open OLM file on my Windows machine itself that too free of cost.

Ricky Kirby, US

Screens to Open & Read OLM File

olm File Reader
Add olm file

Watch Video to Open OLM File

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save emails using this tool on my computer ?
No, you can't save emails or any other item from the OLM file to your machine. You can only view items present in the OLM file.
Can I use OLM reader on a Macintosh machine ?
No, OLM reader is a Windows based tool that lets you open OLM file on a Windows machine only.
Does the tool apply any restrictions on the size of OLM file ?
No, it doesn't have any file size limitation. You can open OLM file of any size using the tool.
Is this tool compatible with all versions of Windows OS ?
Yes, it is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8 & all below versions.

Our Client Reviews to Open Mac Outlook OLM File

My Outlook 2011 for Mac was not working and I wanted to read an important email having my account credentials. After searching the web for the same, I got a solution as this tool. Thanks to the developers of OLM reader for saving me from a huge loss.

— John Gordon, New York

I never thought that there would be a freeware tool for opening OLM file on Windows Operating System. This was a much-unexpected discovery for me. After using this tool, I have made up my mind to suggest to people I know and explore other products of the brand too.

— Rubin Ketner, London