Open EDB File Without Exchange Server Environment

Exchange Edb File Reader

Open & Read Exchange 2007/10/13 EDB File

  • View items from EDB files of any given size
  • Dual Scan Mode: Quick Scan & Advanced Scan
  • Independent tool to Open & Read EDB file
  • View both Private Folder and Public Folder data
  • Open file without Exchange Server Environment
(Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP)
(Req 512 MB RAM & 1 GB Recommended)
(15 MB Free Space in Hard Disk Drive)

Key Features of EDB File Reader Software

View Exchange Mailbox Data

View Exchange Mailbox Data

This tool generates preview of EDB file after scanning it. All mailboxes are loaded with items like Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, etc.

Preview Mailbox Item Count

Preview Mailbox Item Status

It maintains & previews your email signature with associated data of both folder (Private & Public). You can view sender name, receiver name, sending time, receiving time, email size, etc.

Dual Scan Mode for Preview

Dual Scan Mode for Preview

You can scan EDB file using two different modes: Quick Scan mode will help you to index EDB data and advanced scan mode will help you perform deep analysis of data to index it.

Maintains Folder Structure

Maintains Folder Structure

You can view your emails, calendars and other items in the same structure as you used to see it in email client. The entire software is built on a single UI to make the experience convenient.

Freeware Viewer Program

Freeware Viewer Program

You don't need to pay any amount of money for using this software. Whenever you need EDB reader tool, you can just download, install and use it.

What is EDB File?

EDB file is known as Extensible Storage Engine Database file, which is developed my Microsoft to store entire mailbox items of Exchange server, & it is only usable on a Windows platform. EDB file stores RTF (Rich Text Format) data of Exchange Server. Exchange Server creates two different types of files to store user data: private.edb & public.edb. Private EDB file stores all text data with attachments while Public stores shared files & folders.

Need to Open & Read EDB file

EDB file reader can be helpful for you in crucial situations demanding to open your Exchange database items despite server unavailability. Suppose your client - server environment has an issue when you require accessing the data within. EDB reader can help you quickly open your mailbox without the need of a server environment. Other important features of the application are as follows:

  • View EDB file without Server environ
  • View mailbox with folder structure
  • Read Exchange database of any size
  • Free to download and use application
exchange-edb File Reader


I use EDB file reader once in every month to open EDB file archives when Exchange Server goes down. At these kinds of critical circumstances, it helps me to access my mails.

Peter Simpson, New York

Screens to Open EDB File

EDB File Reader
Add EDB file

Watch Video to Open EDB File

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save mailbox data using EDB File Reader?
No, you cannot export your mailbox data using this tool. An export based utility needs to be implemented to use for that purpose.
Can this software view my private.edb as well as public.edb data?
Yes, this tool can open EDB file to show both the folder contents.
Does this tool apply any limitation on the size of EDB file to be viewed?
No, this software is capable of opening unlimited size of EDB file.
Do I need to install any email client or a supporting tool to use the tool?
No, this software is a standalone and doesn't require external support. You can view your EDB file items without installation of an email client or any other tool.
Can I install EDB file reader in Mac to view my emails?
No, you cannot. This software can be installed only in Windows Operating System.

Our Client Reviews Related to Open EDB File

It helped me at one of the most important times when I was in a meeting with clients and suddenly Exchange Server stopped responding then I searched for a tool that could help me open EDB file to read mails & I got this tool. It helped me to view my emails just within five minutes.

— Cristobal Atkins, Lakewood

EDB Reader tool is great. I use it generally to open & view some emails from archives of Exchange Server database file. The best thing of this tool how quick it is at opening the EDB files.

— Jacob Morley, London