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Best Ever Solution to Split OLM File by Size – Dig In Here!

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Published On January 29th, 2024
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“I have been using Outlook on my Mac machine since the time I have joined this organization. This is my primary account which deals with business communication with the end-customers. There are numerous data loaded in my Outlook profile which consumes a lot of time every time I try to access emails and other mailbox items. Hence, I am looking for a prompt method to split OLM file by size.
Doing this will allow me to archive the splitted OLM file, after which it can be easily deleted from my Outlook profile without any hindrance. However, the major obstacle here I am facing is that I am not able to find some immediate solution to break large OLM file by size. Please suggest, if any.”

The above-described is one of the user scenarios, which has taken from a tech-forum site. There are similar such instances which a Mac Outlook user faces i.e., to split OLM file by size. To overcome such circumstance in Outlook profile, here comes the blog with a sure-shot approach to seamlessly divide OLM file by size

Introduced by Microsoft, the OLM files are compatible with Outlook for Mac operating system for Outlook versions 2011, 2015/2016, 2019. It is the database file, which consists of a number of mailbox items which include emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, journals, etc.

Moreover, Outlook for Mac OS stores data in OLK format and renders option for the same to export into OLM file format. At times, there comes a requirement to split OLM file by size. This can be due to multiple reasons such as to manage large-sized OLM files efficiently into multiple small file sizes. So, let’s get started with the proven tricks to partition OLM files into small parts.

Possible Reasons to Split OLM file by Size

  1. With an oversized OLM file, the performance of Mac Outlook is severely degraded
  2. In order to deal with all corruption issues in the OLM file, it is a wise option to split OLM file by size
  3. When a large-sized archive OLM file is imported to Outlook profile, there are chances of data deletion. Hence, splitting the OLM file by size is considered as the finest option

Any Manual Method to Split OLM File by Size?

No, there is no manual method available to split OLM file by size. In order to implement the same, users need to avail some apt solution to divide Mac OLM files into small file sizes.

Then, what is the appropriate solution to break large-sized OLM file by size?

Easily Split Large OLM file by Size – An Ultimate Approach

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Mac OLM Splitter is the best automated tool to divide OLM files into small sizes. The tool renders a plethora of mesmerizing features to divide Mac OLM file into small parts. This includes the option to divide OLM file by size, date, email ID and folder.

With the option to “Split OLM file by Size”, users can break large OLM file of more than 20 GB file size. Users only need to specify the size range in the fields from the software panel. The tool provides the option to split OLM file by size i.e., minimum size by 100 MB and maximum by 20 GB. Based on the requirement, mention the desired size to divide oversized OLM by size.

Let’s Check Out Its Functional Procedure:

  • At first, download and run OLM splitter tool to break large OLM file by size
  • Now, add the OLM file which needs to be divided into small parts split olm file by size
  • From the next wizard, choose the desired split option i.e., by Size, Date, Email ID and Folder
  • In order to split OLM file by size, specify the size in the given fields i.e., minimum by 100 MB and maximum split size by 20 GB split olm by size
  • With “Split by Date” option, the tool will create 2 separate OLM file, the one with the data before the mentioned date and another after the specified date. Using “Split by Date Range” option, the tool will create an OLM file with the data mentioned in the date ranges “To” and “From” fields split olm by date
  • By opting “Split by Folder”, the software provides two different option to break large OLM file i.e., “Split All Folders” and “Split Selected Folders”. With this, one can divide OLM files with selective folders or all folders as per the requirement break large olm file
  • Option to “Split by Email ID”, permits users to partition OLM file by From, To, Cc, Bcc email ID. Under this, all you need to do is specify the email ID from which the data needs to be divided divide olm file
  • As per the need, choose the desired option and click on Split button to initiate the splitting process
  • Upon successful split process, the divided OLM file will be placed at the destined location

Time to Wrap Up

When it comes to split OLM file by size, users may have to undergo a tough time due to the absence of the manual method. Thus, to smoothly deal with this mind-scratching hurdle, this blog states a genuine and proven solution to break large OLM file by size. Besides splitting OLM file by size, the tool renders additional advanced option to divide OLM by date, email ID and folder.