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Restore Autocomplete Email Address Cache in Outlook

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On January 15th, 2024
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Learn how to restore autocomplete email address cache in Outlook. Restore Outlook cached addresses for both Windows and Mac.

Has your NK2 files got corrupted? Or do you want to import autocomplete contacts from Outlook 2007, 2002, 2000 to newer versions? Or you are a MAC Outlook user who has lost recent addresses. And now completely clueless how to get them back? Well! I have solutions to all your problems.

What is Outlook autocomplete email addresses?
A list of email addresses appears whenever you start typing letters in the ‘To’ field of Outlook to autofill. This feature is created for the convenience of Outlook users. These are also called cached contacts. And for Mac Outlook, it is often called recent addresses.

Restore Outlook Cached Addresses in Windows

From Outlook 2010, these cached contacts are stored in your mailbox only. So all you have to do is run the same Outlook account on another computer. And you will get this autocomplete list.

But with Outlook 2007 and below versions, these cached contacts are saved in the separate file which is called NK2.

If you are migrating from one computer to another. You can just copy this NK2 file from your old system to the new one. Given that, you are using Outlook 2007 or below version in your new computer as well.

But if this file gets corrupted or permanently deleted, the only solution is to repair it by using a third-party tool. Now talking about the most efficient and secure tool to restore autocomplete email address cache in Outlook is Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery.

It repairs NK2 files and restores the autocomplete list in your system. And if you want to use these contacts in your new Outlook 2010 and above version. You can export these contacts in a PST file format. Save it to your new Outlook account.

Features of Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery- Designed With High-end Functionalities

This tool effortlessly repairs the NK2 file and can save them in PST format. Read the following features of this high-end utility:

  • Restore Outlook cached addresses and arrange them in an alphabetical manner.
  • Efficiently repairs corrupted NK2 files and recover cached contacts from it
  • To export recovered autocomplete list to Outlook 2010 or above versions, this tool will convert them in a PST file format
  • There is no size limitation on the NK2 file; this tool is built to handle bulk data

Note: To save these autofill email addresses, you need to have Microsoft Outlook installed in your system. Or elsewhere will you autofill?

Features of MAC Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery- You are most welcome MAC users

This tool has been upgraded for MAC users. It recovers recent addresses from Outlook for MAC. And export them into numerous formats. Following are the features:

  • This tool has the option to either manually or automatically locates recent addresses from the accounts of MAC Outlook 365 / 2019 / 2016 / 2011
  • This tool works with both types of OLK files that are OLK 14 & OLK 15
  • Export recent addresses in the desired format PST / VCF / MSG / PDF / TXT/ HTML
  • All vCard versions (4.0 / 3.0 / 2.1) options are available to export cached contacts into. (by default it will create 4.0)
  • Gives the option to create either separate contact files or single file of PDF & VCF for all recent addresses
  • Compatible with 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 versions of MAC OS

Want to Know What Tech Experts Are Saying?

Below are the links to some of the software experts who have reviewed this tool and gave it a 5-star rating. They say, “Best software to restore Outlook Cached addresses”.

Want to Try This Tool For Free?

You can grab a demo version of this tool for free. Try and test this software to restore autocomplete email address cache in Outlook by clicking on this download text. It will let you export 10 items per selected folder. Also you can visit Our product page to see bundle offers and discounts as well. Click here for product page.

So what are you waiting for? Download and restore Outlook cached addresses.


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