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How to Repair Corrupted VHD File? Know Step by Step Solution

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This article is summarized simply as any powerful method for the solution on how to repair corrupted VHD file. Many users search for how to repair damaged vhd files. Therefore, in this write-up, we will describe a typical and simple workaround to execute the task. Firstly, we are mentioning users’ queries that are mentioned on the forum posting site.

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What is VHD File?

VHD is a virtual hard drive format. VHD is mainly used for system image backup. Files and folders on your hard drive can also be stored in your VHD or VHDX. However, VHD files and folders are prone to corruption problems, making them unavailable to be used on a virtual machine.

User Scenario Related to Repair Corrupted VHD File

Hello Friends, does anyone know how to repair corrupted VHDX files in Windows 7? I got a VHD installed on my computer with Windows 7. Yesterday evening, when I was turn on the virtual machine, I saw my VHD corrupted, and all saved data are damaged. So anyone can tell me how to repair corrupt and unreadable VHD files without any hassle. Because my all data is very precious and all are my official data, please help me ASAP. Thanks in Advance

Hello Everyone, I am recently use virtual machine. I have a one-year-old.vhd file, which I mounted on the Windows 10 system. It was working properly initially, but I don’t know how some files deleted from VHD. So, I want to know if it is possible to recover data from corrupted VHD file. If yes, then please share the steps to repair damaged vhd file .”

If the Virtual hard drive (VHD) file gets corrupted, users may lose their data files and folders, including VHD boot files. Now we know what a VHD file is, the reason for corruption, and how to repair or recover corrupted VHD file. So let’s begin…

Causes for VHD File Corruptions

There are many possible causes for VHD file corruption:

  • Due to virus and malware attack
  • Suspended virtual machine status
  • Storage media failure
  • Due to human errors
  • Power failure
  • Sudden system shutdown

Manual Techniques to Repair Corrupted VHD File

Users can restore VHD with HyperV Manager, a Windows 10 application to generate and manage VMs and VHDs.

1# with Hyper v Manager

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Run the hyper-v Manager and hit on edit disk. repair corrupted VHD file
  • Choose to locate the disk at the left side of the panel, Navigate the affected VHD or VHDX file, and hit Next. Repair Corrupt VHD & VHDX File
  • Choose a compact to free up unused space. If users couldn’t see the compact option, the VM to which the VHD attached turned on, or the affected VHDX file is a fixed disk VHD. Repair Corrupt and Unreadable VHD Files
  • Hit on Finish once the compact procedure is complete Repair damaged VHD File
  • Rename the VHD file.

2: Repair Damaged VHDX Files by using DiskPart Utility

Users can use Windows in-built applications to restore the VHD file.

Follow the steps to Repair Corrupt and Unreadable VHD Files

  • Hit on the start button and write CMD
  • Right-click on the command prompt.
  • Hit on the run as administrator to install the command prompt as an admin
  • Type diskpart and press enter
  • Type vdisk file=”e:\folder\vdisk.vhdx” and click enter. Where e:\folder\vdisk.vhdx is the entire path of the damaged VHD file,.
  • Type connect vdisk read-only and hit enter
  • Write compact vdisk and click enter
  • Write detach vdisk and click enter, then type exit

Repair Corrupt VHDX File with Windows PowerShell Command

This solution utilizes Windows PowerShell to repair the VHDX file.

  • Run Windows PowerShell as an admin (Run as administrator).
  • Write Mount-VHD -path e:\folder\vdisk.vhdx -Read Only and hit Enter.
  • Then Write Optimize-VHD -path e:\folder\vdisk.vhdx -Mode Full and hit Enter.
  • Write Dismount-VHD -path e:\folder\vdisk.vhdx and hit Enter.
  • Where e:\folder\vdisk.vhdx is the complete path of the corrupt VHD file

Alternative Way to Recover Data from Corrupted VHD File

If you are not satisfied with the above free methods, we have the best and most advanced solution to recover VHD files. The EmailDoctor VHD Data Recovery Tool simply scans and recovers all your data in simple steps. The latest version provides more efficient and faster recovery with complete data integrity. This software also supports recovery of corrupted and damaged VHD files. Recovering deleted VHD partitions is also supported.

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The best part of the software is that it recovers deleted, corrupted, virus-infected, formatted, lost, and damaged VHDX (Virtual Hard Drive) files. It has a simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) and is very easy to use. Both savvy and non-savvy users can use this software. Now we will discuss the working process of the software.

Important Tips: There is a demo version available for free so you can try the app yourself. The free version of the software only shows a preview of the recovered data from uploaded and selected VHD and VHDX files. If you want to save the recovered data file, you need to purchase the full version of this application.

Steps to Recover Corrupt and Deleted Files from VHD

Here we have mentioned a few simple steps to recover data from corrupted VHD file

  • Download and run Hyper V Recovery software on your computer on any version of Windows
  • Now click on the browse button and navigate to the location where .vhd and .vhdx files are saved. Choose the corrupted and damaged files and click on Scan

repair damaged and corrupt VHD files

  • After completing the recovery procedure,. The tool will list all restored folders in Explore panel. Just expand the folder and preview restored items very easily. 

Recover Corrupt and Deleted Files from VHD

  • In the end, the tool provides two options to Save repaired VHD or VHDX file items. Either Save complete recovered files or selected files. Choice is yours 

recover file from corrupt VHD

Beneficial Features of Tool

  • Guaranteed recovery of corrupted, lost, damaged, mounted, or dismounted VHD or VHDX files with complete data recovery without any hassle.
  • Supports recovery for both Static and Dynamic VHD or VHDX files of FAT (16, 32) )and NTFS file systems.
  • Allows Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, Virtual PC, and Virtual Server VHDX and VHD files.
  • This application is compatible with all Windows versions like 10, 8, 7, and all versions below.
  • Restore Shift+Delete, formatted or re-formatted .vhd & .vhdx partition data file recovery.
  • tool restores Raw data files from formatted VHDX and VHD partition
  • The application recovers unlimited data without any file size issues
  • Allows to recover corrupted VHD and VHDX data files

Points to Remember

  1. Always take backup of your important data
  2. Always scan your drive with reliable anti virus software
  3. Do not attach any virus infected external storage device like pen drive, hard drive, SD card memory card, etc.

Summing Up

In the above write-up, we have mentioned a professional solution to repair corrupted VHD file. But, the manual method requires technical expertise. So, We recommend you use reliable professional software with specialized features to recover data from corrupted VHD file and know the working efficiency of the software. You can also use free demo version of the software to make your data recovery hassle-free.

FAQS: How to Repair or Recover Corrupted VHD File

Q: Is it possible to repair the corrupted vhd file?

Yes, read the above-mentioned blog and learn how to repair a corrupted VHD file.

Q: Can I recover the deleted shift deleted file?

Yes, you can recover a normal deleted, shift-deleted VHD file with the help of the above-mentioned software.

Q: How do I repair a VHDX file?

With the help of the above-mentioned solution, you can repair the VHDX file.

Q: Can I install this software on the Windows version?

Yes, you can install this software on any version of Windows.

Q: What is the maximum size of a VHD file?

The maximum VHDX file size is 64 TB. If VHDX file data gets deleted due to any error, you can try VHD recovery tool without any hesitation. This application can recover unlimited amount of data without file size limitation.


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