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How to Unlock Access VBA Password ?

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Published On May 23rd, 2024
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This blog shows how you Unlock Access VBA password and access the information stored in these files. MS Access creates database files containing information in tabular form in which every table stored data that belongs to VBA project.

There are chances and situations where a user may lock the VBA project and forgets the password to them and get locked out of the file. Users now want to crack the password which is a protective layer to encrypt the Access files (.mdb). There are also cases where the files are corrupted or show errors and prevent access to the VBA project.

Here, you will find all the best methods to bypass the password protection and be able to access the VBA project. Read till the end of the blog to find out which is the best way as per your requirements and learn how to perform the password recovery or removal in a trouble-free manner.

Table of Contents

Reasons to Remove VBA Password in Access

There are several unlock Access VBA password that might be essential, and many of them are related to recovering, updating, or maintaining the database. You may need to change a VBA password for the following main reasons:

  • It is crucial to delete the password from the VBA project in order to get access to the code again for upgrades or maintenance.
  • The VBA password must be removed in order to continue accessing and maintaining the database in the event that a developer or employee departs the company without disclosing the password.
  • Debugging database faults or problems frequently necessitates accessing the VBA code. Developers can more easily diagnose and resolve issues when the password is removed.
  • Developers require unrestricted access to the VBA code in order to upgrade existing functionalities and add new ones, hence the password must be removed.
  • VBA code changes could be necessary to integrate the Access database with other programs or systems. Taking the password off guarantees smooth integration and required corrections.
  • Access to the VBA project may be necessary in order to comprehend and duplicate the data processing logic during data recovery or while moving data to a new system.
  • If a password was entered incorrectly or by accident, it might be required to change it in order to get back to normal access and functionality.

Solutions to Unlock Access VBA Password

We will be explaining 3 simple techniques to perform the removal procedure to get the information from the files. You will find the steps for each method in the upcoming segments so you can check these out and understand which is better suited for you. First, we will be discussing the solutions in brief here:

    1. Using MS Access
    2. Via Visual Basic Editor
    3. Using Python
    4. Top Advice

As mentioned above, the first method in the manual method can help you perform the procedure using MS Access database file but can only open a file and not set or change an existing password. Same goes for the second method, which makes use of the Visual Basic Editor to unlock VBA password.

Both these methods are limited to not setting or changing an existing password and require technical expertise and knowledge of using VBA codes. Whereas, the third method will help users to perform the password removal operation without any troubles and is an easy-to-use method. For this, you just need to download the expert solution and perform the easy steps of removal.

1# Manual Method to Unlock Access VBA Password Using MS Access 

Follow the given steps to remove password from VBA Access :

  • First of all, open the file by entering the correct password for the database file.
  • After that, click on the File tab and press the Open button to start with the process.
  • Choose the Decrypt Database option and click OK when asked about exclusive use.
  • Next, you have to choose the Access Database file (.accdb) which is to be decrypted.
  • Now, choose Open Exclusive from the drop-down list.
  • This way you can break the password.
  • After that, click on the File tab again and go to the Decrypt Database option.
  • Enter the password in the User Database Password dialogue box and hit OK.

By doing so, any password from MS Access Database will be removed making it free to access. Even though this method seems simple, it needs some technical knowledge while performing it.

2# Unlock Access VBA Password Using Visual Basic Editor

This method makes use of ActiveX Data Objects (ADO.Net) cove and works with MS Access 2003 and 2007. Follow the steps to unlock VBA project Access Database:

  • Start by creating a new Access database and open it.
  • Now, press the Alt + F11 keys to open the Visual Basic Editor.
  • After that, click on the Insert option and hit the Module button.

Then, you have to enter the code as given below:
Function OpenPwdProtectedDB(DBPath
As String, _ Pwd As String)Dim CN As ADODB.Connection
Set CN = New ADODB.Connection
‘ Remove MS Access VBA Password
‘ Open database for shared (by default), read/write access, and
‘ specify database password.
With CN
.Provider = “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0”
.Properties(“Jet OLEDB:Database Password”) = Pwd
.Mode = adModeReadWrite
.Open DBPath
End With
‘ Here goes the Code to work with database.
Set CN = Nothing

This is a bit complex but for those who know about the VBA codes and have technical expertise, this method can help in every way. For those who want a simpler approach to unlock VBA Project Access database database can skip to the next method.

3# Unlock Access VBA Password Using Python

By connecting to the database and running SQL commands to Unlock Project Access Database, one can use the pyodbc library to accomplish password removal from an MS Access database using Python. But only if the database isn’t password-protected already does this method function. You’ll need to employ alternative techniques, like manual removal or expert tools, if the database is password-protected and you can’t remember the password. Here’s a simple illustration of how to use Python to get the password out of an Access database:

Following are the Steps to Unlock Access VBA Password Using Python

import pyodbc

# Path to your Access database file (.mdb or .accdb)
db_path = ‘path/to/your/database.accdb’

# Connection string (replace ‘password’ with your database password)
conn_str = f’DRIVER={{Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)}};DBQ={db_path};PWD=password;’

# Connect to the database to remove password from VBA Access 
conn = pyodbc.connect(conn_str)

# Remove the password to unlock Access VBA Password
cursor = conn.cursor()

print(“Password removed successfully.”)

except pyodbc.Error as e:
print(“Error:”, e)

# Close the connection to Unlock VBA Project Access Database

  • Change ‘path/to/your/database ACCDB to the file path for your Access database.
  • Your database password should be substituted for “password” in the connection string.
  • The password is deleted from the database using the ALTER DATABASE PASSWORD NULL SQL statement.
  • Make sure you have the required rights to alter the database and that the pyodbc library is installed before executing this script.

pip install pyodbc

Furthermore, you should only run this script on databases to which you have authorized access.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Unlock Access VBA Password

Unlocking an Access VBA password manually can be very challenging. Here are some key limitations of the manual method to unlock Access VBA Project database password:

  • Data corruption may occur if the database file is manually changed. A small error might cause the entire database to become unused and can cause data loss.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the technical factors involved in the manual approach that can be highly time-consuming. Projects or tasks that require access to the VBA code may become delayed as a result.
  • For manual unlocking techniques, there is not much help or documentation accessible. This implies that you may be forced to rely on dated or unofficial sources, which raises the possibility of mistakes.
  • Access versions may differ in how well manual approaches perform. Due to variations in file formats and security protocols, what functions in one version could not function in another.
  • The database system’s overall security may be compromised if specific manual procedures are used, as they could leave the database vulnerable to exploits and security flaws.

Top Advice to Unlock Access VBA Password

This solution, as discussed above, is a tool that can easily help users remove the password for the Access file and is amazing software. It has the capability to crack passwords for multilingual projects as well. This is highly recommended to use Best VBA Word Password Breaker Tool to remove VBA passwords safely and accurately. It is one of the most reliable and secure applications, and it allows you to remove unlimited passwords for VBA Access projects. This software also allows users to recover MS Access VBA macro file passwords from multilingual VBA documents. This tool has the ability to break VBA password in Excel and is compatible with various Office files, such as MDB and ACCDB for MS Access. Here is the function described in the next section that allows a user to reliably remove the password for his VBA project in Access.

Final Lines

The solutions to unlock Access VBA Password have been explained in this write-up. There are not many users who have technical expertise which is why they might find the manual workarounds a bit difficult and complex. This is why we have given a simpler approach for those who want an easy solution that they can use.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How can I access an MS Access database that is password-protected?

Ans: When Microsoft Access asks for the password, double-click the database file and input the current one.

Q2: What should I do if I can’t remember my Access database’s current password?

Ans: To reset or retrieve the password in case you’ve forgotten it, browse via the blog post mentioned above.

Q3: What is the process for taking out the Unlock VBA Project Access Database?

Ans: There are multiple Steps to unlock Access VBA Password are:

  •  Switch to Microsoft Access and open the database.
  • For database access, provide the current password.
  • Access Encryption Options by going to File > Options > Client Settings.
  • “Database Password” should be left empty; remove the password.
  • Confirm the password removal and save the modifications.
  • Make sure that the password has been erased by closing and reopening the database.

Q4: After deleting the password, what actions should I take?

Ans: Close the file in the database.

  • Make sure Access doesn’t ask for a password when you reopen it.

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