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Why Does Outlook OST File Keep Getting Corrupted

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On January 15th, 2024
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Do you feel annoyed when you come across an Outlook error? It is a kind of error that creates problems even after repairing as it is encountered time and again. These kinds of problems occur all the times because of OST files in Outlook. Most of the users face the problem i.e., OST files are getting corrupted. There is a very common cause of the error. All users need to do is just know the core cause first to eradicate the error. The article will help you resolve the issue of corrupted OST file. The content will even help the users to know using a utility how can they resolve the error of corrupted OST files.

Basic Causes Behind Repeated OST Corruption

There can be so many reasons that can lead to the repeated corruption of OST files. These errors are described under two broad categories:

1. Faults in Hardware

The OST files may face corruption because of some faults in Hardware. Few of them are listed below:

  • Bad sectors development on hard drive where OST files are stored
  • Interruption while synchronizing OST files in server due to equipment failures
  • Abrupt shutdown of system because of power failure

2. Problems with Software

If there is any problem with the software, it can lead to the problems related to software. All of them are jotted below:

  • Improper recovery of the system may lead the OST files to get damaged, corrupted or overwritten
  • Problems caused due to virus/malware infection can also do severe damage to the data in OST files
  • Improper Outlook Termination also garbles the Offline Storage files, leading to problems that cause corruption
  • Failed synchronization of the Microsoft Outlook OST files with server

OST file corruption effects

If the problems stated above causes the Offline files get corrupted. MS Outlook profile and the Exchange account associated with the OST files become inaccessible. On opening these, the users face following errors:

  • Default email folders cannot be opened. OST file is not an offline folder file.
  • Users cannot expand the folders. Set of folders cannot be opened. Errors detected in the .ost files.
  • Users cannot open an Outlook file. Encountered a large number of conflict items. While offline, cannot open a particular .ost file.

Repairing the Outlook OST files:

An OST file is an important file when there is some technical glitch in the Exchange Server. In such cases, users cannot work without these files, the only source that remains is the OST file. The OST files are the exact replica of the Exchange Mailboxes. There is a slight difference between the two i.e., the OST file is merged with the MS Exchange account. To resolve the problem becomes the major issue with OST files. One more parameter is corrupt OST files are very difficult to handle as it does not allow you to access the Outlook data.

To resolve the Outlook OST file keep getting corrupted issue, and to repair the OST Outlook file, users can thus recover the data in OST files and save them into a new PST file. To get the files repaired in the best way, try using OST Email Recovery tool. The utility works as a stand-alone application and can repair all the corrupt OST files easily. The utility is so robust that it can easily repair the OST files despite any size. Even the tool renders the users with both high level encrypted and compressible files.

The users need to download, install, and then launch the tool. The entire work is of three steps. Thus, by downloading the tool users can easily recover corrupt Outlook OST files.

In lieu of it, if there are any software and hardware issues try the steps mentioned below;

Keep updating the hardware and for software issues like a virus and all use a good antivirus program in the system. But, if there is corruption already use OST Extract Tool for an easy and reliable solution.

The Bottom Line
From the above points, users must be imbibed with a lot of knowledge regarding the Outlook OST files keep getting corrupted. In addition to it, the write-up will serve up with a reliable solution to overcome the problem created by corrupt Outlook OST files.