Migrate Email from Office 365 to Gmail What You Can Do About Them!

Phil Coulson | Published: 2021-01-11T10:05:00+00:00 | Gmail, Office 365

In this article, we will discuss some problems in Email conversion also the need to convert email from Office 365 to Gmail. Further, discuss the conversion and features of the tool used to migrate email from Office 365 to Gmail.

Let’s Start!!

Queries on How to Migrate Email from Office 365 to Gmail ?

Many users have a different type of problem on how one can convert email from Office 365 to Gmail. Some of them are given below:

“Hey, I am searching for a solution to migrate email from Office 365 to Gmail without any data loss. So I need a convenient solution for solving my problem.”

Reasons to Transfer Office 365 Email to Gmail Account          

  • As we know that Office 365 is designed for corporate users whereas Gmail is used for home users. So some users want to copy emails from Office 365 to Gmail account so that they can use it for both business and home use.
  • Office 365 is a paid and subscription-based email service while Gmail is available is 100% free of cost service.

For email migration from Office 365 to Gmail. First, you need to convert Email from Office 365 to Outlook by using the following steps:

Steps to Export Emails from Office 365 to Gmail

This method is based on POP3 process to migrate Email from Office 365 to Gmail.

  1. Login in to your Gmail account in which you want to export emails from Office 365
  • Press the gear icon and go to the Settings option
  • Navigate to Accounts and Import tab then Import mail and contacts
Import Option
  • Enter Office 365 account and hit the Continue button
Office 365 Account detials
  • Now, enter the password of your account and change the Port id to 995
Enter Account details
  • Check the Import mail option and select the checkboxes accordingly
Select data to be imported
  • Hit the Start Import button to initiate the process

Now, open your gmail account in Account and Import section check the import status of your Office 365 emails.

Check Imported Messages

By using the above process one can easily export emails from Office 365 to Gmail.

Note: The manual method is not capable to export multiple Office 365 emails at once. The process takes 2-3 days to finalize all your emails. If you need an immediate transfer of your emails then we recommend you opt the automated solution mentioned below. Apart from this, there are some limitations of the manual method mentioned below.

Consequences of the Manual Method

Following are the consequence of using the Manual methods:

  • It is a very lengthy and time-consuming method so the user may skip some steps.
  • Complicated to understand for non-technical users and they were unable to migrate multiple emails from Office 365 to Gmail
  • Data consistency may be tempered while using the manual solution

Professional Method to Migrate Email from Office 365 to Gmail

User can migrate Email to Office 365 to Outlook by profession approach i.e. Office 365 Migration Tool by the following steps:

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  • Enter the valid information of Office 365 account to the Software
Office 365 Export
  • Navigate Export format option and select the PST option from the list
PST file format
  • Choose the location for the file
Destination folder
  • Hit the OK button to initiate the process
Export Completed

Additional Features of the Tool

  • It also permits to convert the Contacts and Calendars in ICS and VCF file format.
  • This Tool will store the original folder hierarchical during the process.
  • It also additionally provides an option for delete after downloading it from the Server.
  • It gives the authorization to pause and resume the process.

Read the upcoming section to import PST file to Gmail account.

How to Copy all the Outlook data into Gmail 

Step 1: You need to Enable Gmail IMAP

  • Navigate the Settings link in the upper side of your Gmail account
  • Then choose the tab “Forward and POP/IMAP”
  • Check to see if IMAP is enabled, if not then just hit the Enable IMAP 
  • Press the Save Changes button to activate

Step 2: Set up IMAP in Outlook

  • Launch your Outlook email account
  • Create a new Outlook Account. Set the Views in your Outlook Account to show Folder View
  • Copy the Outlook data of your folders and store it into your Gmail account
  • The process may take time according to your storage
  • When the process is completed all your data will available in your Gmail account
  • Close Outlook and Gmail and reopen Gmail to view the personal folder.

Now, open Gmail account and check the exported email.

Summering Up

The problem “How to migrate email from Office 365 to Gmail” has been solved by this article. Users can easily do this migration process by the professional approach without any extra efforts. Office 365 Migration Tool is easy to use with many additional features on it for email migration from Office 365 to Gmail.