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IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook 2016 Explained Here

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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There are times when users complain about the error “IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook 2016”.

It should be noted that there are a few naïve users who are not inclined toward the technical arena and want a simple explanation for the same.

We are here to give that explanation and the perfect way to avoid falling into such a situation with the help of experts.

Let’s first learn something about the error first.

Usually, people prefer using manual and free methods to download their emails which is not always the best option.

Sometimes, this causes IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook error. Well, you can avoid this error from being caused by using only the certified methods for creating an archive.

The manual method requires you to configure your email server with Outlook and then the Import/Export method is used to save the emails.

This process keeps the properties of the IMAP emails and folders which are not really compatible with an archive in Outlook.

Because of this, the error can be seen with negative side effects, functionality issues, etc.

Let’s see how you can overcome this error.

Is There Any Way to Overcome IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook 2016?

Upon searching for the methods to fix this issue, you shall find various methods to overcome this error.

These methods are useful but a lot more complicated to apply when the operation is to be performed.

If you want to use them, you need to have high-level technical knowledge, and then only you can go forward with these methods.

Moreover, both techniques are lengthy, time-consuming, and complex which the user would not want in a successful procedure.

Also, the methods to solve IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook change the class property of the IMAP folder and make it even more difficult.

So, you can use the method explained later to understand how you can avoid such a situation.

First, take a look at the functions that are being messed with using the manual solution.

What Functions Does the Manual Method Muss?

This error is seen when you download the emails using the manual method i.e. Import/Export wizard.

When this operation is performed, a few functionalities are messed with causing IMAP emails not to show up in Outlook 2016. These issues are:

  • The imported files do not get any Follow Up flags.
  • You will see a Filter Applied message in the Status Bar at the bottom left corner of the window.
  • There is a possibility that the views for IMAP accounts may be shown when you switch to the View tab and press Change View.
  • This error also occurred when the imported folders are configured with your smartphone or tablet.

Let’s see how you can overcome these constraints.

How to Avoid IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook Error?

The above-mentioned error can be overcome by using the IMAP Backup Software to download the emails easily.

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Use the following features for a successful, selective, and safe backup procedure:

  • Download emails in formats like PST, EML, PDF, MBOX, EMLX, MSG, etc.
  • Export emails selectively by setting dates in the Date-Filter.
  • Save the structure of the folder via Maintain Folder Structure.
  • Remove emails from the mailbox using Delete after Download.
  • Incremental Backup to save newly arrived emails locally.

Overcome IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook 2016 Using the Tool

1. Install the software and choose your domain to enter the credentials for Login.

ldif file

2. Choose the format in the Select Export Type section as PST and go to the Advance Settings button to apply filters.

select PST

3. Click on the Date-Filter option to set the dates and choose the size in the Split PST Option.


4. To keep the folder structure the same and free up space in the server, mark Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Delete after Download options and make sure to avoid IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook error or similar.


5. Hit the Change button for setting the desired location or creating a new folder for the resultant files via pressing the New Folder option.


6. Final step is to hit the Start Backup button to finish up.


After the first process is completed, you can go through the same steps and mark the Incremental Backup option and scan the mailbox again for new emails. Export only those emails if any are found.

There You Have It

The method using which you do not have to encounter the IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook 2016 is explained here.

To fix this issue, the manual methods are pretty difficult to understand and follow through. Also, for helping users not make the same mistake again, we have here the best way to back up your IMAP emails.


By Nilesh Kumar

As a Chief Technical Writer, I know the technical issues faced by home and professional users. So, I decided to share all my knowledge via this blog. I love to help you with challenges while dealing with technical jargon.