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Proven Method to Know How to Repair Corrupt Outlook OST File

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Repair Corrupt Outlook OST File : Everyone knows that Outlook is a desktop-based application that could be beneficial for business users in today’s arena. OST is the Offline Storage Table created by Microsoft Outlook. The primary feature of an OST File is that it enables the user to work in the offline mode or even function properly in case when Outlook is not connected to the Exchange Server. Users can perform these actions like reading or deletion of an existing email, draft saving, composition of new emails, etc. Although not really worried about changes that made offline, the main reason being, when the user seems to be reconnecting with the internet, OST File gets synchronized with MS Exchange Server automatically. In fact, corrupt or damage Exchange Server does not affect an OST File.

Moreover, these files are also prone to the corruption. At a certain time, users receive error messages when they synchronize their Offline Folder file (.ost) in MS Outlook. Also, users will get some of the items are either missing or deleted from an OST File. Sometimes it happens due to human errors or may be OST file gets corrupted. Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss a complete procedure to let users understand how to repair corrupt Outlook OST File.

Manual Steps to Recover Corrupt OST File

Presently, there are many ways by which users can repair the corrupt OST File in Outlook . Some of them are discussed below to fix it easily by using both manual and automated solution. Let us look at it further.

Method 1: Upgrading Folder

With the help of updating feature, the user can recover the corrupt Outlook OST file. Follow these steps as given below:

Step 1: First. You have to Right-click on the desired folder
Step 2: After that, Click on the Properties
Step 3: Now, the dialog box will pop up on the screen. In this dialog box, choose the option Clear Offline Items
Step 4: Click the Ok button
Step 5: Then, under the MS Outlook 2010, navigate to Send or Receive option
Step 6: In last, Select the Update Folder

Method 2: Using ScanPST or Inbox Repair Tool

Scanpst.exe can be used on both PST as well as OST Files. Users can run scanpst.exe to repair corrupt OST and PST file. It can check for errors and can attempt to recover them. In case, if ScanPST unable to repair it, will ask for recreating it, and then, import data back into the users mailbox.

If the above-stated manual solutions and workarounds to be failed then, users can opt trusted third party tool. Through which the user can easily restore the corrupt .ost file in an efficient manner.

Are Manual Solutions Appropriate?

Well, these manuals are having many drawbacks appended to them. Not only a single problem but, there are many constraints that are related to all above measures. Let us follow few limitations as mentioned below :

  1. Required High technical knowledge on MS Outlook
  2. Risk of data loss during recovery of unhealthy files
  3. This approach is capable only for minimal file corruption

Effortless Solution to Repair Corrupt Outlook OST File

To overcome all the drawbacks, users can take help of a robust tool. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a one-stop solution i.e. OST Repair Tool. It helps to repair corrupt .ost file easily without any effort. The best thing about software is to export offline data file (OST) in an appropriate way. It is designed to export all items including emails, calendars, etc., along with maintenance of data integrity. This software also helps to avoid all corruption issues and restore MS Outlook OST file data back without any efforts.

To Sum It Up

At times, users have deleted all data from Outlook and they want to repair them back anyhow. In above section, we have already discussed two direct manual solutions for regaining Outlook OST file. Also, suggested a relevant solution named as OST Repair Tool in such a way to avoid severe corruption issues. Additionally, it is designed to repair corrupt Outlook .ost file without any fear of data loss.


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