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How to Configure Microsoft Office 365 in Outlook

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Published On January 16th, 2024
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MS Outlook 2016 has some improved and new feature for email, contacts, calendar, task manager, etc, for easier and faster communication. Some of them are; email attachments, Search, EAI, Outlook 2016 groups and many more.

Outlook 2016 does not support manual configuration for an Exchange account. It can connect to Exchange Server only by using Auto Discover feature. For a successful connection Auto Discover records are required on a domain. Multiple email profiles are supported by Outlook 2016 but one profile supports only one Microsoft Exchange mailbox. So, you need to create a new profile if already you are using MS Outlook with an Exchange Mailbox.

Supported Windows Version

Outlook 2016 supports Windows 7 and all above versions.

Supported versions of Exchange

MS Outlook is unable to connect with Exchange 2007 because it requires technology such as search, sync, auto discover which is not present in 2007. These technologies are available on Exchange 2010 and later version of Exchange which enable MS outlook 2016 to connect with Exchange 2010 and later versions.

How to Set up Outlook 2016 Exchange Configuration?

The Auto account Setup will start automatically if you are adding an email account to Outlook 1026 first time. You can follow below mentioned steps to set up Outlook 2016 Exchange Configuration.

Step1: Open MS Outlook 2016, you will be prompted to create a profile, if you are using MS Outlook first time.

Step2: Go to Control Panel, click on Mail and then Click on Show Profiles.

Step3: Add / specify your Profile name and then click on OK.
Add Outlook

  • As you click on Add, New Profile Window will appear on your screen. Type your name and then click on OK.
    New Profile
  • As you click on OK, Auto account set up window will appear.

Step4: Type your name, email address password and then click on Next.
Email Account

Step 5: MS Outlook 2016 will start to configure your account. As you get the security prompt, Click on Don’t ask me about this website again and then click on Allow.
Allow Configure

Step 6: Windows security Windows may prompt on your screen asking for user name and password. Type your user name and password and then click on Ok.
User Account & Password

Step 7: Configuring Window will appear on your screen. Click on Finish, when you see all steps are completed. Now, open your Profile in MS Outlook 2016.
Account Configured

You need to contact with your Exchange administrator if Auto Account set up fails as it will indicate a configuration issue with AutoDiscover service in Exchange environment.

Set up of an Additional Account

You can follow below mentioned steps to set up a new email account in Outlook 2016.

  • Open MS Outlook and then Click on File tab.
  • Click on Add Account
    Add account to Outlook
  • In Add New Account box, Select Email Account and then enter your name, email address, password and then click on Next.
  • Click on Finish.

Sometimes you can’t set up a new account automatically and might get a pop up window asking you to try again using an unencrypted connection. In this case you need to manually add the account.

Add an Exchange account using Manual Settings

In most of the cases, you won’t need to set up your account manually. However, if you are facing any kind of issue in above explained method then follow below mentioned steps to manually add your account.

  • Open MS Outlook and then Click on File tab.
  • Click on Add Account
  • Choose l Manual setup or additional server types and then click on Next.
    Manual Setup
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service and then click on Next.
  • Type the name of Exchange Server. If you don’t know the exchange name then can ask your Exchange Administrator.
  • Select Use Cached Exchange Mode to use cached exchange mode. It will allow you to work in your Exchange mailbox even if the network connection is unavailable.
  • Type your User name.
  • You can click on More Setting to change any setting and to check the names.
  • Click on Check Names to verify that the Server recognize your name and your system is connected to the network. Your user name and Exchange Server name will be underlined if all the information is correct.
  • Click on Ok, Next and then Finish.

Note: If you are unable to start MS Outlook 2016 or receive errors, it indicates Auto Discover Service is not working correctly or is not configured. To resolve this problem contact your Exchange administrator to make sure that Autodiscover feature is functional and can be accessed by MS Outlook 2016.

To conclude, we can say that you can easily set up Outlook 2016 Exchange Configuration by above mentioned methods.


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