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How to Convert ICS to CSV – Here’s the Solution

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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In a busy schedule, everyone needs a planner to organize their work so that they can not miss any important meetings and other important data. And to resolve this issue nowadays every email management application like Outlook, Apple Calendar, and Google Calendar comes with a calendar feature.

Basically, most of the email applications or email management utilities support the ICS file format. But sometimes users need to store the data or want to share the calendar data in that situation users start seeking a solution on how to convert ICS to CSV.

The above user query screenshot is taken from the Apple Discussion forum page. And this proves that there are many users looking for the same. Because during our research we have found that there are many users asking the same queries on various forums.

But before going toward the solution part let’s understand what is ICS and CSV and why users want this conversion?

What are ICS and CSV File Format?

Well ICS stands for the Internet Calendar Scheduling and it is a universal calendar file format that saves all your meetings, appointment, conference, and other important dates. One can easily share ICS files with anyone through emails and the receiver easily opens that ICS in their calendar.

On the other hand, CSV stands for Comma Separated Value, and it is one of the most used file formats to store data. Because it stores the data in a tabular form which is quite a nice way to save data items.

Why do Users want to Convert ICS to CSV FIle Format?

There is a particular reason that force users to save the ICS file format to CSV and here in this section, we have discussed some of the major ones.

  • The very first reason for this conversion is creating the backup of calendar data items.
  • If users want to open the ICS file format to an Excel application.

Well, these two are the major reason that force users to this conversion so now, without ado let’s move to the solution part.

How to Convert ICS to CSV Instantly?

Well if we talk about the manual method, then is bad news that there is no manual or free method available that can save ICS files into CSV. Now, in this situation, we have only one solution lets and that is automated.

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Try Mac ICS Converter Tool, this tool is capable to convert multiple ICS files to CSV file format in an easy and simple way. In fact, the tool has no boundaries which mean you can convert any number of ICS files.

Now, after an overview of the tool let’s see the working steps of the tool.

Working of the Tool

1. To begin first download and install the tool.

2. Once the installation is over open the tool

launch the software

3. Now, click on the Add File(s) and Add Folders(s) button to add the ICS file.

add ics file

4. After this choose the CSV file option from the Select Export Type

select csv as export type

5. Click Advanced Settings and select the Date Filter option and click on the Save button.

save advanced settings

6. Choose the destination location to save the resultant file.

select destination location

7. At last click on the Export option to convert ICS to CSV file format.

export multiple ics to csv

Why This Tool?

We know that there are tons of automated tool available in the market that claims the same. But trust is one of the factors and this tool is one the most trusted tool by many professionals. Along with that, the tool comes with various features that are mentioned below:

Multiple Export Option – The tool comes with various export options such as PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, iCal, TXT, and CSV. So, users can select the option as per their requirements.

Bulk Conversion – This utility is capable to convert multiple file formats in a single go. So users can convert any number of ICS files using this tool.

Advance PDF Settings – As we said the tool offers a PDF option also and for this, the tool provides settings for page layout and bates number.

Preserve Data Integrity – The tool gives you a 100% efficacy report. It means that after the conversion you will not find any data alternation and modification.

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Final Conclusion

Will that be the end of the write-up, now if you are looking for solutions on how to convert ICS to CSV, then this blog help you a lot. Here we have discussed the perfect solution that completes this job without any hassle.


By Nilesh Kumar

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