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Cannot Open CDR File in CorelDRAW – Reason and Process Explained

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Published On June 28th, 2024
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Are you finding a method for the problem of not opening a CDR file in CorelDRAW? Do you know that there is a quick and reliable trick to solve this problem? If not, then this blog belongs to you. There are many users who cannot open CDR file in CorelDRAW, because of a lack of information. Therefore, we have come up with manual as well as automated solutions to fix this error. Before starting, let us discuss a general overview of the CDR file and the causes behind CDR file not opening.

What is CDR File and The Reason to Not Open CDR Files in CorelDRAW

CDR is a file format, which is mainly used for vector graphics images and drawings, developed by Corel Corporation. It is a very old application to create animated images, therefore users may face some issues while using this file. And, the issue is “CDR file not opening in CorelDRAW”.

Queries of CDR Files Error along With the Solutions

Let’s review the user’s questions and their answers.

Question 1

“I produced a Corel X3 file two days ago and saved it appropriately. The file wasn’t that large, but I couldn’t access it when I tried to open it again in the morning. I attempted to view the file two or three times after being stunned. But every time I tried, the same problem showed up. I’m now searching for a quick fix for this problem.


I had the same problem with a CDR file a few days ago. Subsequently, following much research, I discovered a way to retrieve CDR files. This allows you to regularly create a duplicate of the file. Even the transient folder may be checked to see whether you have anything stored there. As AUTOBACKUP_OF_CDR, for example.

Question 2

“I needed to print a file that Corel X5 had created.” Despite my attempts, I am unable to open the file and access the document. I’m not sure why, but I believe there may be a corruption problem in the CDR file. Would you kindly advise me on how to resolve this problem with my CDR file?


You now have two options, which are shown below, to resolve this problem:

Approach  1: The created file is first converted to curves.

These two easy methods may be used to do this:

  1. Save the file using the “Save as” option first.
  2. Rename it now so you may alter the text later.

Important Note: All earlier versions of CorelDRAW files may be opened by newer versions of CorelDRAW, even if you keep the file in an older edition.

Approach 2: You may transmit the file as a PDF document using this approach. In light of this:

  • To begin, choose Publish to PDF under File.
  • Select “PDF X/3” under the PDF Preset menu after that.

Why CDR Files Get Corrupted?

There are some reasons why CDR files get corrupted. Some of the causes are:

  1. Collecting a large amount of files to the network drive at a time.
  2. The main reason may also be that documents created in earlier versions of CorelDRAW are no longer accessible.
  3. CDR files or documents were corrupted, not saved due to the program hanging or crashing.
  4. Due to system crashing/ failure, CDR files may be damaged.

Method to Open CDR Files With or Without CorelDRAW

There are mainly three methods to open and recover corrupted CDR files. Read the below section where we have discussed all three solutions one by one.

Method 1- Manually Recover Corrupted CDR Files Using CorelDRAW Program

Follow the mentioned steps to recover the damaged CDR file.

1. First, Launch CorelDRAW on your system.
2. Now, go to Tools and select Options.
3. From the Options Window, expand Workspace and select Save.
4. Under the Save option, you choose the version to save the text, set the frequency, etc. Also, you can set the option of “Ask to Backup” and set the “Make Back-up on Save” option.

Method 2- Recover Corrupted CDR File Using Backup Files

Backup files with the .backup suffix are typically created by CorelDRAW. Find and attempt to open these files.

  • You can usually find the backup file in CorelDRAW’s temporary files directory or in the same directory as your original CDR file.
  • To access the backup file with CorelDRAW, rename it from backup .backup to backup.cdr.

Limitation of the Manual solution to CDR file not Opening in CorelDRAW

These are the manual tricks to recover your corrupted CDR files. But, it is quite a tricky task for those who have not technical knowledge. Non-technical users cannot open CDR file in CorelDRAW using this method. Also, it has some drawbacks that are mentioned below:

  1. Does not support bulk conversion at once.
  2. You cannot open CDR file in CorelDRAW without installing CorelDRAW program.

Expert Solution to Open CorelDRAW CDR Files

Using a manual method can make the users more confused. Therefore to make the process simple, we recommend using a third-party tool i.e., CDR Recovery Software. It will help to recover the Corrupted CDR File. With the help of this software, you can open and repair damaged or unhealthy CDR files. This CDR file recovery software allows you to adjust (maximize & minimize) the size while previewing the file.

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Concluding Word

“Cannot open CDR file in CorelDRAW” is the common query on the internet asked by the users. If you are facing problem like CDR file not opening, then this write-up will help you out. In the above blog, we have discussed the reasons and precautions to avoid such problems manually. But, it is difficult for those users who do have not enough technical knowledge to perform a manual trick. Also, the manual method is lengthy and tricky. Therefore, we have disclosed an automated solution through which you can open and recover CDR files without the CorelDRAW program.


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