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How to Open E01 File in Autopsy (Failed)? Alternate Method Explained

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Published On December 15th, 2023
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Are you trying to open E01 file in Autopsy but it failed? Then, you’re not alone. Many forensics students as well as experts are facing the same problem. Thus, we’ve come up with this write-up where we’ll explore what could be the possible reasons for the failure and most importantly how to open E01 file effectively even without Autopsy. Let’s start our discussion!

Before delving into the core topic let’s first know more about Autopsy.

What is Autopsy?

It is an open-source digital forensics platform used for the analysis of hard drives, smartphones, and other storage devices. Law enforcement officials, the cybersecurity community, and even students pursuing digital forensics courses use this platform for analyzing the E01 files.

However, most users are facing problems opening E01 file in Autopsy. Here are some sample queries we collected from different forum discussions.

Hello there. I am a forensic analyst by profession. I have given a forensic image that has been split into multiple E01 files such as .e01, .e03, .e04, etc. It’s taking hours to add to the autopsy. Can anyone suggest an alternative approach to speed up the process?
Hi, I am Jess. I am a digital forensic and cyber security grad student. My professor assigned a task to open E01 file autopsy and analyze the image files. When I tried to open the same it showed me an error ‘no stored hash error’. I have Googled but couldn’t find any solution for my current situation. I would appreciate any help.

After reading their concerns, a question might have crossed your mind; “what could be the reason(s)?” We had the same thought, thus we researched and complied possible reasons which are discussed in the next section.

Why It’s Failing to Open E01 File in Autopsy?

There could be several factors due to which you’re unable to open E01 files properly in Autopsy. It could be because of;

  1. File Corruption: The E01 file you’re trying to open might be corrupted or damaged. So, cross-check the integrity of the file.
  2. Incomplete Imaging: During the imaging process, the E01 file may not have been created completely or might get truncated at some point.
  3. Operating System Compatibility Problem: Another reason it’s failing to open E01 file in Autopsy could be the version you’re using is incompatible with your OS.
  4. Unsupported Version: It might be the case that the E01 file is created with the EWF (Expert Witness Format) that further might not support the Autopsy version you’re using.
  5. Autopsy Configuration Issue: There might be configuration issues at the Autopsy end.
  6. Insufficient File Permission: You may not have sufficient permissions to open E01 file in Autopsy.
  7. Not Fulfilling Hardware Requirement: You must have enough memory and CPU strength to handle an E01 file. If that’s not met then it may raise problems opening the file.

So, what could be the solution then? First of all, check for common issues that you can solve at your end. Otherwise, you can use a verified and trusted professional solution i.e. E01 Viewer Tool.

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Effectively Open E01 File Using The Tool Without Autopsy 

There are minimum systems requirements for using the tool. Make sure your machine fulfills the below.

  1. RAM – 4 GB
  2. Hard Disc Space – 100 MB
  3. Operating System – Windows 7 and above
  4. Processor – Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz

If it does then you’re good to go. You can examine, read, and search E01 files without any issues. The tool lets you mount and explore multiple E01 image files smoothly. There are other features you should know.

  • It can analyze email data files such as OST, PST, and EDB present within E01 files.
  • Easily examines E01 files created by FTK imager and Encase Disk Manager
  • It is accessible in 20 different languages.
  • It lets you preview the E01 file metadata for 20 supported file formats.

Now, let’s understand how to use the tool.

Step by Step Process to Open E01 File Using the Tool 

If you fail to open E01 file in Autopsy then follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1. Download and install the tool on your system.

Step 2. Then, go to the top left corner of the software and press the Scan option.

click on scan

Step 3. Next, click either the All or Select File Types button as needed.

choose All or Select File Type

Step 4. Don’t forget to click on the EDB, PST, and OST checkboxes.

Step 5. After that, choose the File or Folder option to proceed further.

click on File or Folder to open E01 file

Step 6. Then, press the Browse option to select the E01 file to view its content.

Step 7. Once the scan is complete, you’ll be able to open files found within the E01 file. 

view E01 files

Step 8. Last but not least, you can perform a search to filter and open particular files.

Search selective files

Even if you fail to open E01 file in Autopsy, the tool will never fail to do so. In case you are having any trouble with the process, you can contact the support team for assistance.


Most forensics experts and in some cases students also work with E01 files. For some reason, if you get stuck and unable to open E01 file Autopsy then your whole investigation process could be badly impacted. However, you can avoid such a situation if you know what is the right tool and how to use it. Thus, we’ve discussed the perfect solution that will help you effectively open E01 image files.


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