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A Complete Walkthrough to Add Scanned Signature to PDF

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Published On July 8th, 2024
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Imagine you’re sending an important contract via email. You want to sign it, but printing it out, signing it, and scanning it back in seems like a hassle. Fortunately, there’s a better way. You can add scanned signature to PDF file with just a few clicks. 

Scanning your signature to a PDF involves capturing an image of your handwritten signature and placing it in a digital document. It’s a convenient way to sign contracts or forms electronically without printing. Just take a photo, insert image signature in PDF, and your document is officially signed. 

Curious how to do the same? Don’t worry because you are in the right place. Throughout this guide, you will explore the best solutions to add a signature watermark efficiently. But, the only condition is that don’t skip any crucial section or step read the write-up thoroughly to execute a hassle-free procedure. 

Okay, let’s wrap up the talk. It’s time to begin this exciting journey we’ve been planning. Let’s start now.

Insert Image Signature in PDF Via Adobe Acrobat Pro

Acquiring the Adobe Acrobat Pro to add scanned signature to PDF can be a wise choice for those users who have a subscription to this. Otherwise, you have to buy this premium service, only when if you want to do the task manually. Plus, as we know most of the users can’t afford its pro membership plan since it is too expensive. 

So for those users, we described another solution that is cheaper than Acrobat, and even you can use this for free by using the trial version. Apart from this, if you’re considering the conventional approach, it’s important to know that it involves some technical steps that can be time-consuming. 

Steps to Add Scanned Signature to PDF Manually

Here’s how to insert image signature in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

    • Scan your signature using a scanner or your phone’s camera, and save it.
    • Open your PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    • Click on the “Tools” option at the top menu.
    • Choose “Sign & Certify” and then “Place Signature.”
    • Pick “Add Signature” and then “Image.”
    • Find your scanned signature image on your computer.
    • Adjust the size and position of your signature within the document.
    • Save your changes.
    • Check to make sure your signature is where you want it.
    • At last, keep the PDF with the signed scan by clicking ‘File,’ then ‘Save’ or ‘Save As.

Easiest Way to Insert Picture Signature in PDF

The method mentioned earlier is expensive because of specialized software and time-consuming due to its intricate process. So, for those users who need to add scanned signature to PDF hassle-free. Then you can opt for PDF Watermark Maker Software, which is easier to use as compared to Adobe Acrobat. 

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With this solution, you can watermark multiple PDFs in one go, which the manual solution lacks. Plus, it is a 100% safe and secure solution, approved by experts. Also, this is an offline utility, so don’t need to worry about data leaks. 

Notable Features of the Specified Software

    • It can add scanned signatures to PDF in various image formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. 
    • You can attach watermarks even in owner-level restricted PDFs, without needing any permission.
    • This is compatible with all Windows OS, so you can run this solution on any Windows machine.
    • After installing this you won’t need any other utility including Adobe Acrobat because it can proceed with the watermarking task independently.
    • For precise adjustment of watermarks in a PDF, it allows setting horizontal or vertical distances as needed.

Guidelines to Add Scanned Signature to PDF – Rapidly

Now, to initiate the task, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Install the specified solution>>Click on ‘Add Files’ or ‘Add Folder’ to include your PDFs.

Click on 'Add Files' or 'Add Folder'.

  • Then, select ‘Image’ as the type of watermark.

Select "image" as a watermark.

  • Click ‘Browse’ to find the image you want to use for the watermark on your computer. Once you’ve found it, click ‘Open’.

Open your PDFs.

  • If you like how the preview looks, go ahead and click ‘Generate’ to finish up.

Hit "Generate" button.

So There You Have It

This write-up outlines the best solutions for the query that is frequently asked by the users i.e. how to add scanned signature to PDF. Within this, you explore both manual and automated techniques. If we talk about the same, then most of the users are opting mentioned advanced Solutio rather than Adobe Acrobat. Still, it is your choice to choose which one suits you best to insert image signature in PDF.



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