Ways to Switch from Working offline to Online Mode

Admin | Published: 2019-12-21T09:48:02+00:00 | Outlook Tips

Outlook, produced by Microsoft is the best personal information management software. It helps to store emails, contacts, calendar, etc. Despite being a feature-rich email client. Many times the user has to face problems. Microsoft Outlook is offline is a common issue faced by Outlook users. We can understand the problem of Outlook users, with the help of examples.

Hello everyone! One of my colleagues has reported an error like that Microsoft Outlook always starts in offline mode. I won’t be able to send or email and the Outlook icon in the system tray shows the red cross mark with the following message which states that Microsoft Outlook is offline. Is there have any way to Switch from Working offline to online Outlook”

If you are also facing the same issue, then in this article we will discuss the manual steps to get out of Offline mode of Outlook. Before proceeding to the solution part of this problem. We will discuss how to check if you are in offline mode.

1. First Launch the Microsoft Outlook application.

2. After go to Send / Recieve and select work offline to reconnect.

Note: If the working offline button has a shaded background. Then the user is not connected to the internet.

In the case of Outlook application is running, and it shows a cross on the Outlook then it means the Outlook is working offline mode.

Reasons behind Microsoft Outlook is Offline Issue

It shows this problem when there is a problem with the mail server. To ensure this first log in to your account and check the send/receive emails. In case if the email server is not working then the user has to contact your admin.

In case if you can Send / Recieve emails. But you are disconnected frequently than might be your system needs to updated or there chances that some problems are associated with your account settings.

Manual Ways to Switch from Working offline to online Outlook

1. Reset the work offline status: On the send / Recieve tab, select work offline and then check your status.

2. Check the Updates: You have to open the Office application and go to File> Account. Under the product information, the user has to click on Office updates.

3. Create a New profile: There are chances that there is some problem with your profile, creating a new profile will help the user to resolve this problem. Go to file> Account settings> and choose the profile that you want to remove and click on Remove.

After that, the user has to create the account. This can help you to Switch from Working offline to online Outlook.

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Note: The user can also read this post to know how to backup Outlook emails to an external hard drives.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed, how to switch from working offline to online Outlook. We have also given the reasons for this problem. The user can perform the manual steps to resolve this issue. In case if you are facing Corruption issues related to the OST file then the user can take the help of OST file recovery to resolve this issue.