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Migrate Exchange 2019 to Office 365 Using the Preferred Way

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: 2022-06-14T18:00:11+05:30|Exchange Server, Office 365 | 5 Minutes Reading

Organizations using on-premise servers like Exchange 2019 are now realizing the importance of Office 365. Besides, hosted exchange servers follow a fixed lifecycle policy. So, even if you or your organization is using the latest version of the Exchange server, it’s better to migrate Exchange 2019 to Office 365 using an effective method because at some point in time Microsoft will end up providing support.

And, the Covid-19 crisis has emphasized the requirement for collaborative platforms like Office 365 to instantly scale up the productivity & induce a stable business. The annual growth report of Microsoft 365 is giving proof that it is the most preferred product by users.

Now, the question comes, why users are choosing Office 365 for migrating their data from Exchange?

Know The Benefits of Office 365 Over Exchange 2019

When it comes to comparing on-premise and Exchange Online services, there are various factors that make Office 365 a winner. Such as:

  • The first thing is that you don’t have to worry about paying the maintenance cost.
  • One of the most challenging sides of the Exchange server is the 100% availability of the services. And, Microsoft ensures 99.9% uptime for Office 365 which means your data is available to you almost all the time.
  • In terms of security, Office 365 is more secure than on-premise.
  • It’s more pocket-friendly since it gives the freedom to choose the subscription plan as per your need.
  • With Office 365, you don’t have to rely on the admin for software updates since it automatically updates the same.
  • Negligible downtime helps in increasing productivity.

So, let’s understand the different ways to migrate even the latest version of the Exchange server to Microsoft 365.

How Can You Migrate Exchange 2019 to Office 365?

If you go by the manual ways then there 2 methods available. They are:

  • IMAP Migration:

This migration method is suitable for migrating a few emails. And, to be precise, 500,000 items from the user’s mailbox. Also, the maximum size of the email you can migrate is 35 MB.

If you want to migrate contacts and calendars along with emails then it’s not possible with this method. It only works for emails with certain limitations.

  • Hybrid Migration:

The organizations that want to keep both on-premise and Office 365 environments can opt for hybrid migration.

Using this method, you can migrate mailboxes in terms of tens of thousands.

However, because of the complexity and costs involved in executing the process, many organizations don’t see any benefit in using the same.

Now, you must be wondering, is there any other method present that can overcome the limitations of the manual approaches? Luckily, Yes. In fact, many IT admins are following the automated method for executing a smooth migration.

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Effective Way to Migrate Exchange 2019 to Office 365 Using Trusted Software

Migrating data from Exchange On-premise to Office 365 is not a very easy task to perform. It requires extensive planning and carefully choosing the right method to ensure a successful migration.

Hence, many experts have taken the help of the Tried & Tested Exchange to Office 365 Tool to carry out an enterprise-level migration.

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There are various reasons behind experts choosing the software for data migration. And, you can also take advantage of the tool. Like;

  • You can migrate any number of mailboxes of any size without any data loss.
  • Through different options, you can fetch the source users for migration.
  • With the advanced facility of the software, you will be able to set the priority & choose the number of users that you want to migrate first.
  • Not just emails, you can easily migrate contacts and calendars using the tool.
  • And, what would be more convenient than you having the control to Pause & Resume the migration process? Yes, you can do that with the software.
  • For some reason, if any items are left during the initial run then you can easily perform the ‘Re-run Migration’

And, many more…

So, let’s move on to the working operation of the software.

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Detailed Software Procedure to Migrate Exchange 2019 to Office 365

In just a few steps you will be to easily move the required content from On-premise Exchange to Microsoft 365.

Step 1. Download the migration software from the given link and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Next, select the source as Exchange and the destination as Office 365.

Step 3. Choose the categories(Emails, Calendars, and Contacts) that you want to migrate.

Step 4. Then, go to the source tab, choose the Exchange server version as 2019 and provide the other required fields.

Step 5. Next, move to the destination tab, and enter the Office 365 Admin Email and Application Id. After that, make sure to verify the permissions by clicking on the Validate button & hit ‘Next’.

Step 6. Next, you need to fetch the users, validate the permissions, and then click on Start migration to migrate Exchange 2019 to Office 365.

In The End

Organizations are now seeing the benefits of moving their data to Office 365. So, even if you use the latest version of the Exchange server, sooner or later you have to move your data to the cloud. And, the sooner the better. So, start planning your migration from Exchange 2019 to Office 365 with the help of trusted software.