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Learn the Best Way to Merge Two PDF Pages into One Page

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: July 7, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this information post we have come up with some methods to Merge two PDF Pages into One Page. Here, we have explained how to put two PDF pages into a single PDF. By using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, multiple free PDF mergers tools on the internet, a trusted and reliable software.

 Query: Hello guys, on an urgent basis I need to merge a few PDF file pages into single PDF pages to share them with my fellow colleague in the office. But I am unable to do it in Adobe Acrobat DC. Can someone suggest a different method or any solution club the pages into one page?    

Several users like this have no idea about how to merge two PDF pages into one page. Few of them think that buying the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is the only way. However, there are multiple methods to do the same task without spending much on it. So, here we will discuss some techniques that can be used to merge PDF pages together and keep that in a different file.

Before we start the process to merge two PDF pages into one page, we need to understand PDF page merging, PDF file merging and the difference between them.

Merge PDF File vs PDF Pages

There are two cases of using PDF files while managing multiple PDF files/pages.

In PDF file merging the two or more PDF files get merged into one single PDF file. It provides a feature to manage the documents and doesn’t compromise with the formatting and size. Here the user can combine multiple pages into one PDF to keep the data in organized way and make ease of accessibility.

On the other hand, PDF Page merging is used to save paper and ink when printing a PDF page. In this post, we will explain the methods to merge two PDF pages into one PDF page.

Use the Finest Techniques to Merge Two PDF Pages into One Page Swiftly

Users sometimes get restricted PDF files. here some of the tools don’t word which are available, they cannot remove the restriction. So, using the PDF Split and Merge tool users can unlock the restriction which is applied and can easily merge the PDF pages. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS which makes it easier for users. It maintains the structure and retains the attachments. Moreover, there is no file limit restriction and can merge batch PDF files. Also this software can merge PDF Files which are password protected.

  •  Install the utility and select the Merge option.

merge two pdf pages into one page

  • Press the Add File(s)/Add Folder(s) option add the PDF file(s) for merging.

merge two pdf pages into one page

  • This tool provides two options (Split merge by size and Merge by page range). Select the suitable one.

select the option to merge

  • Now choose to either Create a new folder or merge in Existing one. Then set the path by using the Change button.

merge two pdf pages into one page

  • After completion of the above steps, press the Merge button to begin the process execution.

merge two pdf pages into one page

Combine Multiple Pages into One PDF File Using Adobe Reader DC Pro

If any user has the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro in their system, then they can execute the process easier by just following these steps:

  1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat PRO DC and press the Tool button.
  2. Now find the Combine files option and select it.
  3. Use the Add files button to add the PDF pages to merge.
  4. After the selection of PDF pages is over, then press the Combine Files option. And then hit the Save button.

Are there any Other Instant Methods to Merge Two PDF Pages into One Page?

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, there are several other instant merger tools available. In this, the user just needs to write “PDF merger” or “Merge PDF file” on Google Chrome. They will land on the list of Online free merger tool which instantly merges files or pages. But this method is only useful if you have to merge a small number of pages like 10-20 pages. Otherwise, we strongly suggest that users must use the Software which has been mentioned above in this article.

We have explained the different techniques to merge PDF Pages together. Now explore, analyse, and use the suitable one.

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When it comes to merge two PDF pages into one page, it sometimes becomes difficult to do it. Because it is available in Adobe Reader Pro the user will need to pay a certain amount to use that. Hence, they start looking for some other way. So, to help the users we have added some techniques and discussed them, one can use the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, if they have a subscription then it can be used. Another is the instant PDF file merger tool.

However, if the user wants to combine multiple pages into one PDF don’t have Adobe Reader Pro, then they use the automated tool which will surely give the best results as it will put two PDF pages on one page easily.