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Use Drive Shipping Trick To Import PST File into Exchange Online

Raj | Modified: May 24, 2022 | Office 365 | 6 Minutes Reading

Managing data files that are present in the on-premises environment may result in difficulties such as data corruption, compliance issue, security issues, difficulty in eDiscovery, and no network access optimization. In order to avoid such situations, the user can import PST file to Exchange Online.

This can be easily done if the user will move their Outlook PST file to Exchange Online, with Office 365 Import service. The Import service of Office 365 allows the migration of PST files to Exchange Online mailboxes.

Migrating data is slightly difficult for the user, in that case, the user can opt the alternative professional solution for importing PST files to Exchange Online. Outlook to Office 365 Migration Tool is a commercial tool that can migrate all on-premises Outlook PST files to Microsoft cloud storage.

The tool enables the migration of multiple UNICODE PST files to Office 365 by keeping all meta properties and attachments intact after migration. In addition, Office 365 Migration also ensures the secure migration of PST files with 0% data loss.

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How to Import PST File Data into Exchange Online

  • Network Upload: In this user will upload data files over the network to a temporary storage device in the cloud and then import PST file data to the cloud using Office 365 Import service.
  • Drive Shipping: In this type of migration, the user will copy the data files to a BitLocker encrypted hard drive and then physically transfer the drive to Microsoft. After receiving the hard drive, Microsoft personnel will upload the data to a temporary storage location that exists in the Microsoft cloud. Now with Office 365 service import service, the user will import the data to the mailboxes present in the cloud. Import PST File into Exchange Online

How To Migrate Outlook PST To Exchange Online – In Detail

Network Upload for Importing PST File To Exchange Online

  • Download and Install the Azure AzCopy tool, it will upload PST files to Office 365 and copy the SAS URL of the organization. This network URL is a combination of the Azure storage location in Office 365 and the SAS key (Shared Access Signature). SAS key provides permission to the admin to upload PST files to the Azure storage location.
  • The AzCopy.exe tool will import PST files to Office 365. with this user can upload the PST files to an Azure storage location in the cloud.
  • Users can take a look at uploaded PST files on the list to verify the PST files have successfully uploaded to Azure Blob and to verify their names.
  • After uploading the PST files to the Azure storage location, create a CSV file that will specify which mailboxes the PST files will be imported to Office 365.
  • At last, the user will create an import job in Office 365 that will take information from the CSV file to import PST files to a corresponding user mailbox.

Using Drive Shipping To Import PST Files in Exchange Online

Drive Shipping is very much similar to the network upload method. However, In this method, the user will copy the PST files to the Hard drive, and then the hard drive is physically shipped to Microsoft. When Microsoft receives the hard drive, the data center personnel will upload the data from the hard drive to Cloud.

  • First, install the WAImportExport.exe tool and secure the storage key.
  • With the WAImportExport.exe tool, the user will add the PST files to the hard drive, the tool will encrypt these PST files with the BitLocker tool.
  • WAImportExport.exe tool will create a Journal file that consists of information about the copy process.
  • Now Microsoft Personnel will migrate the PST files from the hard drive to the Azure storage area, the Import service will use the information of CSV files.
  • The CSV file will specify the user’s mailboxes and their respective PST files.
  • At last, the user will create a PST import job and ship the hard drive to the Microsoft cloud. Then Microsoft will provide shipment information. Microsoft personnel will shift the data from the hard drive to the Azure Storage area.

Need To Migrate PST Files To Exchange Online

The migration of Outlook PST files in Exchange Online Mailboxes is necessary due to following given reasons:

  • The migration of PST files to Exchange online allows users to migrate their on-premises data to Online.
  • Migration of Outlook PST to Exchange online enables the user to store their data in a very centralized manner.
  • Gives an option to archive Outlook data in Exchange online to provide additional mailbox storage space.
  • User can place their Mailboxes and site on hold, to preserve the content.
  • Users can apply retention policies and document deletion policies that will hold the data for a specific period of time. This option will help the user from the point of recovery.
  • It can apply Microsoft eDiscovery tools to search for the desired data.
  • The transfer of Outlook PST files data to Exchange online will protect data from any data loss and damage.
  • The enhances the availability of data as the user can access the cloud data from anywhere, using their devices.

Automated Approach to Import PST to Office 365 Mailbox

One can also use an automated tool like Office 365 Import to migrate PST files to Exchange Online accounts. It can import multiple Outlook PST files into Office exchange Online. Also, it is the best method to migrate emails, calendars & contacts from the PST file to the O365 account

Steps to Migrate Outlook PST to Exchange Online

  • Step 1. Download & Install the software
  • Step 2. Enter Office 365 Account Credentials
  • Step 3. Upload PST file by using Add File / Folder Option
  • Step 4. Select Category to Import & Apply Filter
  • Step 5. Click on the Import to migrate PST files to Exchange Online


In order to prevent Outlook data files (.pst) from future disasters, the user can import PST file into Exchange Online. With the help of Office 365 Import service, one can migrate on-premises Outlook mailbox data to the Office 365 cloud which will also enhance the availability of data.

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Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Is it possible to import multiple PST files into Exchange Online Account?

Yes, you can use any of the methods to execute the same operation.

Is there any faster method to Import PST files than Drive Shipping

Use, the above tool, it allows you to fastly migrate multiple Outlook PST files to Exchange Online mailbox

Can I migrate the PST file into a Personal account without using Admin Credentials?

Yes, to import PST files to own a single account, Office 365 Import Tool doesn’t require Admin Credentials

Does Network Upload & Drive Shipping are a safe method to Import Outlook PST files?

Yes, they both are safe methods but require high-level technical knowledge. Files may get corrupt while migrating if they don’t do properly. It is recommended to use an automated solution to Import important & bulk PST files.