How to Transfer Email from Google Apps to Office 365: A Complete Guide

Admin | Published: 2020-05-18T11:08:57+00:00 | Cloud, G Suite, Office 365

Looking for a solution to transfer data from G Suite to Office 365? Well, you finally landed on the correct article. Google App, now known as G Suite, provides access to many applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Google Drive. Despite its multiple capabilities, users are still looking for ways to transfer email from Google Apps to Office 365 account. This is because of the growing popularity of Office 365 in the organizations.

In the following write-up, we will go through the user query first and try to find the reasons why users want to transfer Google Apps mailbox to Office 365, Following that, we will explain a reliable and complete solution for transferring Google Apps data to Office 365 account.

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User-Query: I have been using G Suite lately. But, since my organization is using to Microsoft Office 365, so is me. Most of my colleagues have transferred their entire data to Office 365 account. They all are technically rich, unlike me. I have read that the manual method does not guarantee 100% data conversion. My entire mailbox is important to me and I can’t afford to lose a single piece of it.
Please help me if any of you are aware of a trustworthy method. I will be so grateful.

Why Choose Office 365?

• Providing familiar applications
• Supports file recovery options
• Fully integrated on both mobile and desktop
• Threat security
• Access files offline
• Increased scalability

Apart from these benefits offered by Microsoft Office 365, It offers to pay as you go plan. In this, the user has to pay as much as he uses. That’s why users want to transfer data from G Suite to Office 365.

Transfer Email from Google Apps to Office 365: Trustworthy Solution

Users can transfer G Suite to Office 365 in two ways, i.e., manually and professionally. The manual method is successful when you don’t have a huge mailbox to transfer. Also, the manual method can not transfer contacts and calendars from Google Apps to Office 365 account.

Transfer Google Apps Mailbox to Office 365: Entirely

For a hassle-free migration, we recommend using G Suite with Office 365 Migrator software. This automated solution helps you to transfer mailboxes such as emails, contacts, documents, attachments, calendars, and more.

This is the perfect software if you need to transfer email from Google Apps to Office 365. It has a user-friendly and interactive interface which makes it simpler for the non-technical users to operate. Besides, this software has a wide range of additional features that make the conversion process very simple and hassle-free. See some of the best features listed in the sections below.

transfer email from Google Apps to office 365

Top-Features Offered By The Migrator Tool

Complete Transfer of Mailbox: Using this migrator tool, the users can perform the entire mailbox conversion in a short time frame. Users can transfer emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from Google Apps to O365 account in a hassle-free manner. It ensures 100% data conversion in a shorter duration.

Supports Incremental Migration: Incremental migration means to transfer only the newly arrived data between the same drives. To further elaborate, when the user transferred the data in the first go. The next time, only the data that is freshly arrived will be migrated.

Pause and Resume Option: This utility offers pause and resume option, for pausing and resuming an on-going process whenever the user wants. By using these options, the users can hold the transfer which is in progress.

Live Monitoring of Process: Through the user-friendly interface, users can view the live status of the migration and accurately track the transfer of Google mailbox data. You can track the progress of your migration in three different stages: Pending, In Progress, and Completed. Also, users can view all ongoing migrations from the All tab.

Detailed Log Report: Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator will provide complete information about each mailbox data with Source & Destination ID, Filename, Folder name, Status, Error, Size, etc.

Moreover, this tool comes up with a demo version, which makes it easier for users to get a better understanding of the tool.

Working Steps To Transfer Data From G Suite to Office 365

Step 1: Download and Install the Software.

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Step 2: Select the Source and Destination Platforms for the migration.

select source and destination

Step 3: After this, from the workload selection, select the categories that you want to transfer.Categories

Step 4: Apply the filters, as per your requirement.

Apply Filters

Step 5: In the source screen, add the details carefully and validate the permissions. Click on Next.

G Suite as a source

Step 6: Now, moving to Office 365 as the destination screen, fill out the details and click on validate.

Office 365 as destination

Step 7: Click on Next, to fetch the users.

Fetch Users

Step 8: Once the users are fetched, click on validate to grant the permissions to the selected users.

Validate the users

Step 9: After this, hit the Start Migration button to transfer Google Apps mailbox to Office 365.

Start Migration

The Final Verdict

Microsoft Office 365 is extremely important in today’s professional life. The above section of the blog provided the top solution to transfer email from Google Apps to Office 365. The manual method for transferring Google Apps data to Office 365 account have their own drawbacks. If users need to perform multiple account migrations, they should try out a reliable third-party software.